๐Ÿ“บ Watch Silvia Hartmann's Introduction To Modern Energy: Why Your Happiness Matters

Why Your Happiness Matters

Watch the first unit of Silvia Hartmann'sย Modern Energy Foundationย online video courseย absolutely free using the signup box below. In this 45 minute showcase you'll discover...

What is MODERN Energy?

  • The "Invisible Something"
  • The Love Connection

Energy is REAL

  • Emotions: The Language Of The Energy Body
  • The Modern Energy Chart
  • The Undiscovered Energy Body
  • YOUR Unique Energy Body
  • Energy Body Sign Language

The Structure of Modern Energy

  • The Highest Taste Principle
  • Swimming Towards The Light

Energy Nutrition

  • Energy Vitamins
  • Positive Energz
  • The Heart of Gold

The 6th Sense

  • The 16.7% Advantage

The Aspects Model

  • The Loving Understanding

The Third Field

  • The 0% โžก 100% Rule
  • The Power Of The Positives

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