1st Sanctuary by Isaac Lim

1st Sanctuary by Isaac Lim

Isaac Lim writes: I am taking my Supermind course and we ask our energy mind to take us the perfect place where we will enter our energy habitat and to our house. It is a fantasy world made more real by bringing it into the hard by saying it aloud, writing, drawing it out. I decided to do all three. Here is my painting of a bay I found myself on and a journey leading to my house. It was a treehouse, not a house built on a tree but build into it!

1st Sanctuary by Isaac Lim - House Tree

1st Sanctuary by Isaac Lim - House Tree

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Isaac Lim
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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer, Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer, Modern Energy Coach Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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GoE2021 - P03 - Sixth Sense Body Scanning with Isaac Lim

GoE2021 - P03 - Sixth Sense Body Scanning with Isaac Lim

Posted Nov 25, 2021
Our bodies "talk" to us - and we "listen" with our 6th Sense. What can we discover?
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