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GoE Energy Conference 2016

GOE Energy Conference 2016

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Books For Energists

Books For Energists: Energy EFT, EMO, Energy Hypnosis & Energy Psychology Books, Manuals & Distance Learning Programs at DragonRising.com

18 Ways To Resolve Healing Blocks

18 Ways To Resolve Healing Blocks (Or: "When the SUDS won't budge")
Whether you're working with clients, or using energy therapies on yourself, there's always the odd occasion when there appears to be no noticeable change.
Posted Jan 11, 2002 6,347 Reads More Information ->

Addressing Christian Concerns About EFT & Energy Psychology

Addressing Christian Concerns About EFT & Energy Psychology by Dr Larry Nims

Posted Jan 9, 2002 4,785 Reads More Information ->

BSFF Treatment Flowchart

I have designed a flowchart based on Christine Sutherland's work for the treatment steps of Dr Larry Nim's BSFF on a single page for handy reference. Please Note: Version 2.0 has now replaced this file which includes the flow of an example session "Fear of Public Speaking".
Posted Feb 17, 2002 10,835 Reads More Information ->

Callahan on Regis and Kelly

Well Roger Calllahan was on the Regis and Kelly show this morning airing from Disneyworld in California. Kelly hosted this segment and was very enthusiastic about the tapping procedure to overcome fears of flying and heights.
Posted Jan 3, 2002 4,232 Reads More Information ->

Christel Nani

Christel Nani

Rev. Christel Nani, R.N., M.A., is an internationally recognized Medical Intuitive and founder of the Ministry for Spiritual Responsibility. Psychic since an early age, Christel spent sixteen years as an ER/Trauma nurse during which she would often know a patient's diagnosis before the tests came back.

Posted Mar 20, 2002 8,069 Reads More Information ->

EFT & Hypnosis - Is EFT A Form Of Hypnosis Or Hypnotherapy?

EFT - is it hypnosis or hypnotherapy? Silvia Hartmann explains ...
Posted Mar 15, 2002 8,587 Reads More Information ->

EFT - Online Audio Training

EFT - Online Audio Training NEW Arrival - Paul Cutright's Audio Based Emotional Freedom Training containing 5 audio lessons (1 hr. each) of a live teletraining and 2 bonus audios (45 min. each) of a live presentation to 800 people via Online Audio Streaming. Go to the AMT.com Information Store for further information.
Posted Mar 8, 2002 6,573 Reads More Information ->

Energy Therapies In The Press

Energy Psychology in the media - here are reproductions of articles in the press where Meridian Energy Therapies and especially, EFT have proven their worth yet again and surprised and amazed reporters and sufferers alike with it's truly astonishing and undeniable effects. Here are the full press articles for this section, covering topics from fears and phobias to addictions and weightloss and include a major article from Caduceus magazine.
Posted Mar 3, 2002 5,411 Reads More Information ->

Guiding Stars 2002

Guiding Stars 2002 is a paper of 15,000 words explaining the Guiding Stars protocol, the theory and practise of the pattern, and how to guide a client step by step through the protocol from inception to aftercare. It further contains an energetic Redemption pattern to help deal with major issues of guilt, shame and grief that arise as a result of the process.
Posted Mar 3, 2002 4,995 Reads More Information ->

Healing Animals With Intention

When holding out one's hands over an injured animal to channel universal healing energy, there is still a part of the process that is very physical indeed. You can feel your hands tingling, sensations in your body, and you can see the animal in front of you responding with little twitches, yawns or how it relaxes out as the healing progresses.

Posted Feb 10, 2002 5,606 Reads More Information ->

Holly In My Throat, Darkness On My Soul

Holly In My Throat, Darkness On My Soul by Silvia Hartmann

Posted Jan 1, 2002 5,499 Reads More Information ->

How ACEP Was Born

HOW THE ASSOCIATION FOR COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY WAS BORN The time had come. We all knew that our rapidly expanding field of Energy Psychology has needed to establish credibility among health care and mental health professionals. And we all knew that a crucial ingredient for this success was to unify the Energy Psychology field.

Posted Jan 11, 2002 6,588 Reads More Information ->

Inner Child Healing With EFT

The Inner Child Healing EFT protocol is a powerful tool for self healing and an opportunity to change the past and reparent the child within.

Using the EFT proxy protocol, this inner child healing pattern creates loving bonds through which healing and energy may flow from you to the child and baby you once were.

Posted Feb 21, 2002 5,170 Reads More Information ->

James Durlacher

James Durlacher

James Durlacher, DC, DIBAK - Dr Durlacher practices holistic alternative health care, caring for the pjysical, nutritional and emotional sides of the health traingle. He is a licensed chiropractic physician, practicing sincve 1963. He is a Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a member of the Advisory Council of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Posted Mar 25, 2002 7,216 Reads More Information ->

Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

Patricia Carrington, Ph.D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ (through present).

Posted Feb 16, 2002 6,993 Reads More Information ->

Psychological Reversal

Psychological Reversal (or, how to heave a deep, great sigh of relief at not having to struggle along on will power any more!)
For me, one of the most wonderful ideas in the meridian therapies is the concept of psychological reversal. There's much debate amongst the experts as to what's going on, but it seems that shock, trauma, or repeated learnings and teachings can cause the energy flow relating to a particular subject to become reversed; i.e. it does the opposite of what you want it to do.

Posted Jan 11, 2002 14,471 Reads More Information ->

Quantum Depth Healing - QDP

The Body or "Soma" is a complex bio-computer made up countless cells and nerves that register every significant event in our lives. The body mind principle of Somatic Processing recognises that the Body is a "Somatic Library" of emotions and beliefs; the energy and information of psycho-emotional experiences that have been imprinted instantaneously into the cells of specific body areas, organs and tissues. In effect the body has an actual psycho-emotional anatomy.
Posted Feb 5, 2002 7,840 Reads More Information ->

Rhythm, Pulse & Percussion In Tapping Treatments

It is interesting to observe people "tapping themselves" People have very different natural rhythms, and then there's of course a great variance in how hard or softly someone taps. The "how" of tapping greatly affects how effective the treatment is, in the end.
Posted Feb 5, 2002 5,859 Reads More Information ->

Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm In Science and Health

Holistic health; harmony and healing of the body; balance on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, are all based on an energy source that is integral to our existence. Therefore, healing at any level is very dependent on tapping into the primordial energy that is the source of existence.
Posted Feb 5, 2002 6,063 Reads More Information ->

Tapping The Crown

Ananga Sivyer writes: Here's a little background on the crown point to illustrate it's significance as a tapping point. I often add this point to the EFT sequence when working with clients particularly when working with addictions.
Posted Feb 5, 2002 6,860 Reads More Information ->
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