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GoE Energy Conference 2017

GoE Energy Conference 2017

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Books For Energists

Brilliant NEW Books For MODERN Energists at DragonRising.com

Anxiety Self Help Treatment Protocols - FREE

Anxiety Self Help Treatment Protocols - FREE

Silvia Hartmann writes: Here is a full, practical and very powerful self help treatment protocol to reduce stress and all forms of anxiety. Included are three full self help protocols which will help lower adrenaline levels and prevent stress spikes - one for stabilising the stressed systems, one for in depth treatment of the symptoms associated with anxiety, and one to help dissolve anxious thoughts. Complete and free, with my compliments.

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Book Launch- GoE member has new book published!

Book Launch- GoE member has new book published! AMT Advanced Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of EMO Phil Mollon is about to release his exciting new book 'EMDR & The Energy Therapies' published and released by Karnac Publishing. There will be a book launch and talk with Phil to celebrate this pioneering new release on the 28th November. Invitations are for you and one guest- spaces are limited and will be offered strictly on a 'first come first served' basis. To find out more information on this fantastic new release and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), please read below- where you will also find details on how to reserve your place and directions to the event. A hearty congratulations to Phil from all at the AMT!
Posted Nov 12, 2004 9,656 Reads More Information ->

Dr. Mark Atkinson on EMO

Dr. Mark Atkinson on EMO

Dr Mark Atkinson, premier holistic health expert, recommends Energy Psychology and says of EMO: "I wanted you to know that of all the therapies I've trained in and approaches that I have used (and there's been a lot) none have excited me and touched me so deeply than Emotrance. It is quite simply the most beautiful, graceful and simple self-care approach I have come across. I have used it with a number of my clients and have witnessed how, within minutes, it allows unconditional love to pour into them from a source that minutes previously was causing them great pain. Everytime I work with it I am truly humbled (that's not something I would say lightly :)"

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EFT In The Snow

EFT In The Snow

Good morning from Germany! We have just spent 15 minutes standing at a street corner in a snow storm, with rather unsuitable English good weather clothing, and good old EFT provided not just much needed amusement, but also some interesting insights, once again, into the nature of the human condition - and how we can do so much better!

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EMO News October 04

The German trainer's training (in German! LOL) has been fully booked for some time and still more people are coming in now, being appalled to find they can't get a place. It isn't on to run for another month and the organisers, who do a lot of various courses, told me how astonished they were that people had booked immediately and early, seeing that ET is so new to Germany and also in view of a general trend of people attending less workshops.

I was asked to take more people, thought about it some and then decided not to. I'd rather conduct a good, solid training - and all those guys on the waiting list can be passed along to the new German trainers after the fact.

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Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann

Give yourself an early Christmas present ...

A treasure chest of sparkling, bright and new techniques, ideas, abilities for making magic in the real world

Magic that works. Magic that is light, and dances. Delightful, mystical and soaring - and you will be amazed just how easy it is!

Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn & Friends

Join us on Sunday 28 November 2004 at the Manor Barn, Bexhill on Sea
East Sussex, UK.
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Forms of Psychological Reversal

We need to remove psychological reversal before we can remove the disturbing energy field.
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GoE Trainer Gives EFT Talks To IGPP Members

GoE Trainer Gives EFT Talks To IGPP Members AMT Trainer Sandra Hillawi has recently given a presentation on Meridian Energy Therapies and Energy Psychology to a group of 40 therapists at a regional IGPP (International Guild of Professional Practitioners) group meeting in High Wycombe. Sandra spoke on Energy Psychology, stress, the Mind Body Connection and EFT. Over half of the attendees went on to sign up for workshops and courses- a fantastic result!
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Hear, Hear - You're Pregnant!

The Daily Mail, UK, 25th December 2004, Reports: A care assistant who mysteriously went deaf almost nine months ago has regained her hearing after discovering she is pregnant. [And AFTER receiving EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques treatment! Ed.]
Posted Dec 27, 2004 9,878 Reads More Information ->

Intention, Pain, and Healing In Energy Work

In the realms of energy, things are very sensitive, very very responsive to thought and intention. Here, it matters not just how we do things, but why and the attitude we bring to things has great repercussions. This is not so much of a problem with practitioner assisted work, for here someone on the outside is looking at the system overall, but it becomes crucial in SELF HELP.

Posted Nov 25, 2004 6,352 Reads More Information ->

Life Without Panic Attacks- GoE Trainer Releases New Book!

Life Without Panic Attacks- GoE Trainer Releases New Book! AMT and EMO Trainer Nicola Quinn has recently published her book 'Life Without Panic Attacks', the story of how she overcame 15 years of panic attacks using EFT.
If you, or someone you love, suffers from anxiety and panic attacks then this book is for you and comes highly recommended. 'Life Without Panic Attacks' is an indispensable guide, with step by step instructions, to full recovery from panic attacks packed full of EFT opening statements. There is also an excellent bonus article that goes along with the book called 'How to Help a Loved One Who Suffers From Panic Attacks' by Silvia Hartmann that contains some very valuable advice for those who usually stand by feeling helpless and who can now give some very real assistance and support. For more information and details on where you can now get the book from, read below.
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Whole Body Healing News Letter

Whole Body Healing News Letter Dr Mark Atkinson writes: Welcome to the first issue of the Whole Body Healing newsletter. In this issue, you will find "How To Free Yourself From Depression, Pt 1", including the "Mini Mood Questionnaire", more about Whole Body Healing, my "Health Clinic", "Book of the Month", "Health Recommendations" and "Holistic Tips For Health & Happiness" as well as more news and course/trainings information.
Posted Nov 23, 2004 14,932 Reads More Information ->
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