GoE Proudly Sponsoring The 2011 Energy Awareness Event

GoE Proudly Sponsoring The 2011 Energy Awareness Event

At exactly 8pm on 8th of August, the โ€œ2011 World Energy Awarenessโ€ event will take place and The GoE is proud to be an official sponsor.

The purpose as set out by Silvia Hartmann, is to raise the awareness of energy as being a crucial factor in our understanding of how human beings function. Indeed, it is hard to imagine how scientists and doctors can produce a model of humanity without taking into account human energy and emotional systems.

Yet, if we are more than just mechanical and chemical machines, why do many meridian therapists (including advanced-level EFT & EMO practitioners) have a real problem sticking their head above the parapet and shouting from the rooftops about the joy, happiness and relief our family of energy centric techniques can bring to people?

I believe that the number one reason is because of the torrent of abuse, perceived or otherwise, that the establishment rains down on anyone who tries. It is not surprising that many of us fear contacting the media via local radio stations, newspapers and magazines. Even going into the community to help is difficult for a lot of people.

So, if itโ€™s a one-sided argument against us then the public at large will view what we do with suspicion โ€“ and thatโ€™s a real shame! Each and every person alive would benefit enormously from knowing what we know.

For just a moment, imagine a world where people had far more control over their own emotional state. As a small but massive example, it makes me wonder what would happen to the crime rate, if people started making logical decisions over their future, rather than being blinded by hurt, stress and fear. Wouldnโ€™t that be a nice world to live in?

We should really stand proud doing what we do and feel sorry for those who have shields and barriers to making progress.

There will always be stalwarts of the old guard who pooh-pooh the mere suggestion that such help & relief can be taught in a couple of days. Just put yourself in their shoes and youโ€™ll feel how incredibly painful it is to study a subject for 50 years and be told that what you know is out of date and redundant.

Such people will surely hiss and scream as their blinkered world is placed on the compost heap. Thankfully, all meridian therapists (aka โ€˜energistsโ€™) are equipped with the tools for turning the accusations and insinuations into positive motivational energy. Indeed, EMO people have a saying that โ€œSticks and stones may break our bones, but words flow through and energise us!โ€

Weโ€™ve got techniques and ideas that people of the future will look back at us now and say that is when the revolution in psychological thinking started. We are the pioneers and it is not always easy but we need to stand true to our beliefs and look forward to a world vastly improved by what we know.

It is our duty to make our case to the world and for that one special moment in August weโ€™re hoping to make a real difference in peoples understanding of how the world works.

We hope that you, like us, will be doing our bit to promote Energy Awareness day on the 8th August!

Alex Kent
AMT Admin

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