2-day MET Practitioner Training - 17th & 18th January 2004, Northampton

Hi everyone, I thought that I'd just let you know that my next 2-day MET Practitioner Training will be on 17th & 18th January 2004 which will take place in Northampton - the centre of England. These two days will help you assimilate what you have probably learnt via Gary Craig's site or from '1-day workshops' or 'Introductions to EFT' and build on this to include a lot more to help you help others deal with their traumas, phobias, fears, self-limiting beliefs, motivation, metabolism rate, abuse situations, confidence, self esteem, grief, upset and much much more.

And, if you haven't any previous knowledge of EFT then this is the perfect opportunity of learning a new technique which combines very nicely with hypnotherapy, nlp, reflexology, reiki, EMDR, pranic healing, aromatherapy, crystal healing, colour therapy, psychology, nursing and even homeopathy so if you don't already know about Meridian Therapies be prepared to expand your knowledge

These 2 days will be interesting, enjoyable, relaxing and challenging. So, if you want to know more, simply read on ...

Whilst EFT is used as the basis for this 2-day training we go further than EFT and use other Meridian Energy Therapy techniques to deal with those "What if ..." situations, we'll also touch base with Kinesiology (muscle testing), Brain Gym and other techniques plus looking at therapist/practitioner problems - transference, projection etc, the legal side to health and Meridian Therapies.

The fee for this 2-day training is only ยฃ200.00, which includes a manual and attendance certificate, also handouts, laminated sheets, laminated short cuts cards, a CD with laminated items' 'blanks' all ready for dropping attendees own advertising details on (a great advertising medium for whatever business you're in), refreshments and 2-course carvery lunches.

Should you wish to take the open book exam, then you will be monitored by me throughout the weekend, have 30days after the weekend in which to complete the open book exam and return it to me with your fee of ยฃ50.00 and you will then receive a Certificate from the GoE to state you are a certificated registered Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies PLUS you will be listed on the GoE website as a registered Practitioner PLUS will have telephone support from me for 2 months following the training PLUS you will also have 1 year's subscription of the AMT.

It'll be great seeing you there to share this superb opportunity of learning a new therapy - and remember EFT was on the 'Richard and Judy' Show, and you're going to go way past that ....

Intrigued? - you will be. For more details, please contact me:

Christina Elvin Licensed GoE Trainer

Tel: +44(0)1604 768343 - Fax: +44(0)1604 706609 - Send An Email

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