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The 7 Greatest Lies That Have Been Holding You Back -

And The 7 Truths That Set You FREE.

Silvia Hartmann writes:

It is time to address the 7 greatest lies that have kept you - and humanity! - from achieving its full potential.

Here we go!

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Lie No. 1: Not having any emotions is a good thing.

This is the greatest lie of them all! Without emotions, there can be no happiness.

Without understanding emotions, it's impossible to do clean science!

Without understanding emotions, there cannot be an end to war - ever!

Without mastering our emotions, we'll never get anywhere as an individual, or as a species!

The truth?


Emotions are the key to living life

and the most important thing

for us human beings to understand!




Lie No. 2: There's no such thing as energy.

You have got to be kidding me! Only a total fool - or a consumate LIAR! - would ignore the experiences of literally billions of people across time and space who can feel energy in their living bodies every single day!


The truth?


Not only is there energy everywhere.


Not only do we live in the Oceans of Energy.


Energy is THE POWER

that drives human lives

from the cradle to the grave!


Hint: What do all the secret societies & power elites

do in their rituals behind closed doors ..?

They work with ENERGY to create THEIR realities!



Lie No. 3: Only by going into the past can we create a better future.

WTF! It is literally inconceivable that this lie has been going on since the dawn of time and is perpetuated over and over again, to the point of total brainwashing.

That's insanity. By getting involved with everything that was bad in the past, we are re-creating exactly what was bad in the past, over and over. We are recreating our own hell on Earth!

The truth?


We get a better future

by thinking towards the future

and trying to construct

new, better things

that have never been before!



Lie No. 4: Human beings are born bad and are dangerous savages by nature.

Can any lie being told to a human child be more damaging? More hurtful? Cause more heartbreak? Cause more chaos and destruction????

People have been driven mad by exactly these kinds of crazy LIES for millennia upon millenia.

Living in constant, chronic stress, people react by going mad - exactly like rats start to attack each other and self mutilate when forced to live in tiny cages, insane environments and without the chance to express their true nature.


The truth?


People are beautiful, wonderful, fantastic

designs by the great Creative Order

and when they're treated right,

they will astonish all of us

with their power

to co-operate, think, play, create and LOVE.



Lie No. 5: There's nothing YOU can do ...

This is the message every child in every society is programmed with over and over and over again - there's nothing YOU can do about the overwhelming power of (the authority, the teachers, the establishment, the way things are, the government, the king, the army, the secret societies that run the world ...).

There is EVERYTHING we can do when wake up to the real reality that is so much more than we have ever been allowed to contemplate!

The fact is that every time there was any change at all, there was a single high energy person at the bottom of it. One single person who had accessed those forbidden levels where love and logic come into harmony, and the sheer power of an individual to CREATE REALITY really comes into being.

The truth?


We can do amazing things

even by our lonesome selves

when our personal energy gets higher -

and never mind when groups of us get together.


Then "the world" changes.





Lie No. 6: Enlightenment is incredibly difficult to obtain, tedious, takes decades of suffering, has no earthly benefits at all and in the end, is only for the chosen few - and YOU aren't one of those!


That is such a lie!!!

Every human being can access high enlightenment states and they do when they get high enough on energy!

It's a simple, predictable process that is basically, "Make people HAPPY!"

It's as simple as that!!!!

Literally everything is thrown at the idea of enlightenment to make it seem totally unattractive as well as totally unachievable.

Sure! You don't want your worker bees to become enlightened, do you! They would start stepping into their own powers, challenge the existing insanities, wouldn't be cowering in fear and terror their lives long and would do all sorts of things that would surely fuck up the games the elites are playing with the lives of everyone else!

The truth?


Enlightenment is not just easy and FUN -

it's completely available

to every human child born on this planet!


In fact, it is our absolute birthright

to live, work and play as



PS: Enlightenment means not being energy blind any longer!



Lie No. 7: Only by putting your own happiness aside can you be a useful member of society.

Wow. That's perhaps the worst lie of them all.

To spend your entire life sacrificing your own happiness (which is of course, the very key to you becoming enlightened, to your growth as a real human being!) so that others should be happier is to throw your life away.

A miserable person who is sacrificing themselves is a burden to their loved ones, to their societies, to their neighbourhoods. They become a negative vortex that sucks the joy out of the lives of everyone they meet!!!!

Not only do they waste their own lives, they make the lives of other people a total misery!

And so the misery continues ... the low energy states continue ... and everyone is suffering endlessly ... and needlessly!!!

The truth?




The more you have,

the more you have to give!!!


The way to make other people happier, to be a better parent, partner, leader, friend or serve your community better is to be energy HIGHER - and that means HAPPIER!

The higher you are, the more wonderful ways you can find to increase your own happiness - and radiate it out like a fountain of light to everyone else around you!!!


There are many more lies we have been told that are an absolute, 180' reversal of the real truth. A global reversal!

These lies are disempowering, hurtful, dangerous, stress inducing, illness inducing, insanity inducing, weakening and utterly destructive.

To see the truth for ourselves is to experience it in our own living bodies.

High energy states is where the truth becomes revealed on a personal level.

And that's nothing but a fact.


Let's end the lies.

Let's get with the universal program where love really is the most powerful force in the universe, because it CREATES instead of destroying.

Let's have passion, let's have love, let's have high energy - each one of us can make their own start on a NEW journey towards happiness, towards expansion, towards the light.

Then, we can get together, and together, we will change the world.


Silvia Hartmann

June 2018


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