Happy 9th Birthday, EMO!

Happy 9th Birthday, EMO!

We are pleased to announce that today, 27th June 2011, is EMO's 9th birthday!

Please read on for special birthday offers and a wonderfully reminiscent article from EMO creator Silvia Hartmann.

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Read on for Silvia Hartmann's birthday message...

Happy 9th Birthday, EMO by Silvia Hartmannย Cool

Aah ... it started out so sweet, so innocent. Just a simple little trick to make you feel better fast.

"It's only an energy ... soften and flow!"

Turns out, "it" really *is* only energy - and we really can feel better with EMO.

A whole lot better at that ...

Even better still, we get to feel feelings we have *never* felt before.

Who ever knew there were so many different kinds?

I guess we got stuck on our limited range of negative emotions and positive emotions which would repeat in certain circumstances and we got to thinking that was that ...

Now next year, I'll have to write the 10th EMO anniversary speech, and it'll have to be something momentous I guess :-) but here I might just say that we wanted to feel better.

We thought that meant to feel happier, feel more positive emotions more often; but it actually does mean we got better at *feeling.*

Feeling everything in the body.

Not just our emotions, but other people's too. And not just emotions, but all sorts of other energies, natural and man-made alike.

We got better at feeling. And then we realised that these energy flows contained information, and those feelings were immensely precious, additional input that actually help make sense of the world.

Which led to the big breakthrough of this year - that sense we've been learning all about in EMO is the 6th sense!

For real! That's what it is - body sensations that have no physical origin, the long lost 6th modality, that which if you add it to the other five senses really does create lucidity. Waking lucidity. Which is what happens when all 6 senses work together and present their information all at the same time.

All the 6th sense occurrences now make sense :-) as the whole thing clicks into place.

We can finally answer that vexing question of, "How did I know that? I didn't see it, hear it, taste it, scent it and nothing touched me whatsoever ..."

We can finally allay the erroneous ideas that the 6th sense is some kind of seeing stuff that isn't there, and that only crazy people do *that*.

Well I guess ... but all human beings do have a sixth sense, even if they've gotten it confused with emotions and all sorts of other sensations, and EMO has proven that we can learn to use that 6th sense quickly again.

Now that is really something :-)

The repercussions of the re-discovery of the 6th sense and how it works are immeasurable.

This is not just for psychics and their users.

  • EVERY problem calculation, if we add that additional information set the 6th sense provides, will give you a different solution than if you only applied the information derived from 5 senses.

That's true across the board, from mathematics to physics, from engineering to archaeology and from psychology to chemistry. There isn't a single sphere of human endeavour where the additional information the 6th sense provides isn't going to make a qualitative difference.

That's pretty awesome and I must admit, I didn't see that coming. But then, perhaps instead of looking, I should have been sensing instead and then I would have noticed there was something amazing on the horizon ... :-) Well, fair enough, perhaps I did. Ok, so I did. I always knew that EMO was not just something to help folk with acute emotional suffering, but that it was a teaching tool, a learning tool to find out more about energy by working with energy in a very precise and focused way.

I said as much in Oceans of Energy, dear Oceans, now no longer available with the rest of its colorful friends. I hope you stashed a few copies, they'll be collectibles soon enough.

Much as aspects of me rather mourn the passing of Oceans, Living Energy and Energy Magic, this is the perfect time to take EMO to the next level. I look forward to writing the second EMO book in due course; and I look forward to what else I'll find out in the writing of it.

In the meantime, there are lots of places emerging where EMO is never mentioned by name but it is the engine that makes the process work. And the theory and principles of EMO are being adopted as the industry standard in explaining how this "energy stuff" works and what it's all about in many other places.


I love energy work, I always knew it was the "missing X factor" in the equations of human behaviour and the world in general; and I'm really excited to be here and in the forefront of not just discovering these principles but to shape and language them in such a way that they make sense to residents of this world today, and can help them have a better time on this planet whilst they're here.

On that note, I enjoyed myself so much at the EMO conference this year, it made up my mind that Energy Awareness is of the essence and if I'm going to preach about anything, then energy awareness has my vote.

Hence World Energy Awareness Day!

Mark your calendar with volition, make it into an energy magic moment to add your intention for folk to learn to be delighted about energy, to understand the good news that we don't have to suffer like dogs anymore just because we're conscious human beings, and that there's much we can do for ourselves and each other to solve our problems in a whole new way.

If you're a professional, sponsor World Energy Awareness Event, August 8th at 8pm, wherever you are in the world. I hear the angels smile at WEAE sponsors particularly! www.Energy888.org

So there we have it.

Year 9 - awesome. Everything is settling into place for the tenth anniversary of EMO to be spectacular. There's nothing in the world like dear EMO, and there really isn't. We're lucky to have it!

Happy Birthday, EMO!

Silvia Hartmann

Author, "EMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love"

June 2011

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