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At the heart of The GoE's endeavours lies the creation, research and testing of the new and original methods and techniques before they are introduced to members or the general public in the form of articles, papers, books, training manuals and eventually, complete training programs.

In March of 2009, Silvia Hartmann created the StarFields VIP group โ€“ a think tank for modern energists, a mastermind group which she describes as โ€œthe energist's SETI.โ€ Silvia says, โ€œSETI is the name for a program to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. This program, instead of running huge super computers, makes use of the programming capacity of many, many computers around the world. That's the same thing that happens in a mastermind group. You get together and you get to think with more than your own mind, and you don't have to be a single supercomputer to do amazing feats of computing that way. It's the power of the group which becomes more than the sum of its parts.โ€

ย โ€œThe StarFields VIP group was always the driver of creativity and research for modern energists, so it now seems the right time to put this back together and invite GoE Trainers and Master Energists to join if they want to.โ€

Renamed to โ€œThe Energists Research Group,โ€ this think tank is for advanced energists with a sincere and ongoing commitment to experimentation and exploration.

Silvia explains, โ€œThe key to developing new patterns is to be totally honest as to what is going on. We look at what works but we also look at what doesn't work, and this is highly cross-contextual. Energy is everywhere, and there is no part of life that doesn't change considerably when you apply the energy paradigm to it โ€“ and it doesn't matter if that's the boardroom, or the bedroom.โ€

To have an ongoing, standing creative research department to further develop the ideas, techniques and applications in the Third Field has been called โ€œthe jewel in TheGoE's crown.โ€ There is no comparable peer group anywhere else coming together with the clear intention towards evolution, the will to challenge all and every existing belief around energy and to create truthful, practical and highly realistic patterns that can benefit us all.

  • The Energists Research Group (ERG)

  • Open to GoE Trainers and Master Energists

  • Led by Silvia Hartmann

  • Subscription based at ยฃ9.99 per month

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Energists Research Group

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Current GoEย Trainers and Master Energists are invited to join the Energists Research Group led by Silvia Hartmann.

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