Healing Art Exercise: From StarFields With Love - Digital Energy Art 2021

Digital energy art is such a gift - infinite possibilities in energy! *When a picture jumps out at you, stop the video and energy tap or EMO the energy.* I'd love to know what you chose and how that was! Instructions for newbies in EMO (Energy In Motion):
- Make the picture as big as you can.
- Where do you feel this in your body? Show with your hands.
- Find the path from where it enters your body all the way through to where the energy flow exists.
- Encourage the energy flow with your hands and your attention so it flows FAST all the way in, through and out.
- Notice how that makes you feel, and also any thoughts/spontaneous insights you have had.

Energy tapping instructions:
- Make the picture you've chosen as big as you can.
- You don't need to make a Set Up.
- Very gently tap each point, breathe deeply, and notice what you can feel where in your body as you do this.
- Also notice what thoughts/ideas come to you on each point.
- At the end, take the entire energy from the picture you chose into your heart.

This is such lovely energy "work," it reaches the parts of us that words don't get to, and it's also brilliant practice for learning more about your own energy body, where the pathways are, and how you can feel them.

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