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I'm uploading this video bec. a lot of people still don't know about Energy Events (aka Events Psychology), starting with the Guiding Stars, the high positive events that directly cause addictions, philias and fetisches, as well as all looping/repeating behaviours.

All of these are not caused by trauma, but by Guiding Stars; and there are all sorts of other types of events, NOT JUST BLOODY TRAUMA.

There is a total brainwashing that has gone on for a hundred years in Modern Society that everything that's wrong is caused by trauma, and that's just not true.

Further, this myopic obsession with TRAUMA has created a trauma based industry and a trauma labyrinth from which there is no escape.

Clearing trauma alone can't change your life for the better.

Constantly questing for yet more trauma to clear is an endless labyrinth that will drive you crazy if you do that for long enough.

The "Events Line" Visualisation/Meditation is helpful to break us out of that trauma trap and consider our lives from a far more reasonably and rational perspective.

I'd like to add that the only time it is really advised to work with trauma is when there are trauma flashbacks, trauma dreams or triggered responses in normal life. That is the indication that trauma needs to be treated.

If you do NOT have traumatic flashbacks, you need to consider doing something other than "seeking for ever more childhood trauma" to explain the problems in your life.

Something I would advise is to spend some significant time with your POSITIVE MEMORIES and explore them. To balance your book of life, as it were, and get more of an idea what your life was really all about.

It's not and never was "only about the trauma."


Excerpt from "Flow Forward" first published MClub 2019

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