The very 1st song I ever wrote: Stillness 1987

The reason I'm posting this today is a Star Matrix thing - that magic moment when the song "Stillness" came to me, in Germany, in 1987. I was so surprised that I could "write a song," that I would know how to do that. A Star Experience, a Star Memory - and there's nothing wrong with the song, and I couldn't do it any "better" today than my aspect did it back then. Connecting with the Star Moments of our lives is truly a magical experience; connecting with our past aspects NOT in the old trauma way for a change, but when they did and experienced and LIVED something amazing, something wonderful - well, it's a full on incarnation saver, and it really is. In 1987, I was still doing animal behaviour full time, and I love that this very rare photo has the sweatshirt with the animal logo and my name on it!

Perhaps this story, this video or even this song will trigger some of your own Star Memories for you; will inspire and encourage you to connect with your own very real "magic" aspects, who did such marvellous things, and start learning the real truth about your own life, and who you really are.

Let's end the Nightmare Of Trauma, and wake up to the truth - only the Star Moments really count, only LOVE remains.

With lots of love from Silvia 1987 and Silvia 2020 - and all the many Star Aspects in between, and yet to come!


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