Power of the Positives Unit 01

So I have been thinking what I can contribute to current situation, and it came to me to do a free course on THE POWER OF THE POSITIVES on Youtube, live, one session a week for the next 12 weeks.

This is a topic that is superclose to my heart, something that I have learned to appreciate, understand and love more and more and more as time has gone on, and I know that I haven't even scratched the surface of the truth of the POWER OF THE POSITIVES - the aspects of LOVE.

I am looking forward to sharing that excitement, and practical, every day techniques with as many people as possible.

I am looking forward to discovering more about this in the process of making these live videos as well, as my dear energy mind takes the opportunity to show me NEW things that I never (k)new before! :-)

This is FREE for everyone and starts on Monday, March 23rd at 11am my time, of course you can join the re-play at any time, and I most heartily invite you to join in - it will be 100% uplifiting, good for spirit and therefore mind and body as well, and particularly, I look forward to the SURPRISES :-)

PS: If you're completely new to Modern Energy, you can get in the groove with (r)Evolution, which is a free illustrated/diagrammed ebook you can get here: GoE.ac/revolution

You can also check out this first introduction to Modern Energy "Why your happiness matters" here: youtu.be/pY_q0vj2xBU

Lots of love xxx

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