#gratitude is EASY with #starmatrix!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this 47 second Star Matrix ad about "how doing GRATITUDE is super easy - when you know how!" StarMatrix.org

I had a personal Star Moment of so much gratitude, it was like an enormous wave that washed me away for a moment. Wow. I didn't even know I could feel anything like that! So much for all the people who've called me "ungrateful" in the past. I don't know if my aspects ever were, as there were many incidences of intense gratitude discovered during my Star Matrix journey, but after that, I now know for a fact that I can experience real gratitude. Not the fake version, the real thing. And oh my! is it uplifting and healing.
Star Matrix is not just the way, but the super easy way to gratitude. It happens automatically if you spend some time reflecting on your Star Moments (instead of trauma for a change!). Awesome!

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