My Life In Art In 61.9 Seconds!

In 2018, I finally got over my "being on video" reversals and recorded the Modern Energy Art (MEA) Course. One of the Units is about making Story Boards, and when it came to recording an example, this is what came to mind :-) CREATIVITY is ... of the essence to live a happy life, to CREATE something of value, and "art" is so much more important to developing as a human being than people would ever know. I could talk about this for hours, weeks, months, years, a lifetime - but instead, I have a story board to explain "my life in art." This one thing I would like you to know and take away from this is: Without all the art, there would never have been all the breakthroughs that were needed to create Modern Energy itself. Art is not just important, but when we do it right, it's probably the key to solving humanity's most urgent problems. There is a magical artist in every human being; connect with the child that loved the colours, was fascinated by the moving clay; and saw the world in a much more inclusive way. Your soul will say, THANK YOU.

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