0% to 100% Rule

0% to 100% Rule

The 0% to 100% Rule states that before we begin an energy based intervention, working with the ENERGY BODY, we cannot know if or how much effect the energy intervention will have on physical, practical, behavioural and/or psychological problems.

Any given type of problem, physical, practical or psychological, may or may not have an energy component which plays a part in the problem.

This energy component can be on a scale from 0% - there is NO energy component at all, to 100% - the problem was entirely energetic in nature and will disappear completely after an energy intervention.

We need to do the energy intervention in order to find out what part the energy components played in the problem, and we cannot know this until AFTER the energy intervention has happened.

If the 0% to 100% Rule is made clear to a client before we begin any form of treatment, and the client understands and accepts that we are not promising miracle healing, but instead real energy body healing, and that we cannot know if or how much effect this will have, we remain legal, logical and moral in our client treatments.

As a Modern Energist, we only treat the energy body or the energy component of any given system.

As this has never been investigated, the 0% to 100% Rule keeps us and our clients safe.


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