16.7% - The 16.7% Advantage

16.7% - The 16.7% Advantage

16.7% is the additional information provided by the 6th Sense which changes the way we calculate reality.

The 6th Sense gives us additional 16.7% information about reality


We have (at least) 6 senses, not just 5.

The 6th Sense are the emotions, sensations transmitted through the physical body that are generated by the energy body.

We base our decisions on how reality works on the incoming information; when the 6th sense is excluded, 16.7% of information is missing.ย 

Without that addtional 16.7%, reality doesn't make sense, and especially, human beings do not make sense.

When we add the missing 16.7% into the equation, the dots connect and we start to "see more" - that's a metaphor for understanding more, being able to do more, being less confused and afraid.

Any person who has that 16.7% additional information about any context and any situation has a powerful competitive advantage over those who do not.

This has always been the case throughout the history of humanity.ย 

With modern energism, any normal human being can achieve access to the missing data by practising modern energy techniques.

Any person who has experienced access to the additional 16.7% can be termed as "enlightened."


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