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3 Levels Of Reality Absolute

3 Levels Of Reality Absolute

Reality Absolute has (at least) three levels: 1. Physical Reality, 2. The Hard, and 3. the Energy realms. The 1st and the 3rd are reliable, reasonable and rational, and follow the laws of the Great Creative Order; the 2nd, The Hard, was made by human beings and does not. Silvia Hartmann did not call it The Hard because it is hard like granite, but because it is so hard for human beings to live at this level. Here is the 3 Levels Energy Meditation ...ย 

The 3 Levels Energy Meditation

by Silvia Hartmann


1. Look down at your feet on the floor. Move them to become aware of physical reality. This is the physical level.ย 

2. Look straight ahead. All around you you can see the universe of human made things. These include all the physical objects you can see and touch around you, as well as all the laws of your land, the philosophies, religions, sciences and taxes you pay with the money you own or owe. This level is The Hard and it doesn't follow the principle laws of the Great Creative Order; tries to ignore them or contradict them, and this is the Reality Divergence which makes it so hard to live here.ย 

3. Look up and through the ceiling, through the clouds, through the atmosphere, through space and higher still. These are the energy levels, at which your energy body exists as well as the StarFields and many other energy existences beside.ย 

All three together make up reality absolute.ย 

To get into the flow of the Great Creative Order, we need to re-structure The Hard, at which point it will start to function better, and will need a better name, such as The Amazing or The Extraordinary.ย 


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