Emotion Scale

Emotion Scale

The Emotion Scale (Hartmann 2003) re-connects intuition, emotion and psychosomatics into a single system with different degrees of intensity.

The Emotion Scale Hartmann 2003

The actual 6th Sense sensations experienced by an individual are all on this one single scale.

It is important to note that the 6th Sense does not just produce negative emotions, but is also capable of producing POSITIVE EMOTIONS that can be stronger than any physical sensation, just as is the case with negative psychosomatics.

To understand that all emotions, regardless of severity, are "only energy" and that they will respond reliably and predictably to Modern Energy approaches is extremely useful.

The Emotion Scale also invites us to pay far more attention to the finer, lighter messages from the energy body.

We need the additional 16.7% information through the 6th Sense to make sense of reality.


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