Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Modern Energy Healing is healing for the energy body.

Modern Energy Healing is energy healing for the energy body.

The ancient oriental energy healing approaches were all focused on created PHYSICAL healing for the PHYSICAL body through the energy body.

Modern Energy is all about the living energy body, to take care of it because it is important in its own right, and deserves to function well, to be happy.

As such, Modern Energy Healing does not promise physical healing or mind healing.

It only promises a sincere and real attempt to heal the energy body.

This may or may not have after-effects on the physical body and/or the mind; this depends on how much of the problem was actually in the energy system in the first place.

Modern Energy uses the 0% - 100% Rule to explain that we do not know before we start treating the energy body, how much of the problem was actually an energy problem.

We must also consider this.

Even if an energy problem is the direct cause of a physical problem, for example an energy problem in the neck directly causes over a long period of time a malfunction in the physical neck. The energy body transmits sensations which causes the physical body to react. Every time this sensation is transmitted, the physical body reacts and over time, this is like bending a paperclip back and forth, back and forth, until it breaks.

Now we have a physical injury we can see on an X Ray.

Even if we finally totally cure the energy problem in the neck, it will still take a very long time before the physical body repairs itself.

These long delays between energy occurrences, illness of the physical body, energy healing and physical regeneration have utterly confused people about the way energy healing works, or what it is for.

We absolutely do not promise any type of physical or mental healing.

However, when the energy body FINALLY gets the attention it has been seeking, we are doing the right thing; and there may be many beneficial side effects on the 0% -100% scale.

There is a tremendous range of symptoms, and especially all the EMOTIONAL symptoms, that respond extremely well to energy body healing.

When there is less stress, the physical body has a better chance to repair itself.

Therefore, Modern Energy Healing is not only useful, but essential to deal with the energy components of people's problems, which absolutely cannot be solved in any other way but to address the energy body directly.


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