Gift (The Gift)

Gift (The Gift)

The Gift is the oldest and most beloved of all Project Sanctuary/SuperMind patterns.

In the earliest phase of Project Sanctuary research, The Gift was the preferred method of choice to bring about positive changes in Sanctuary, long before there was EMO or energy tapping as an option.

The Gift Illustration by Silvia Hartmann 2019

Discoverd by Silvia Hartmann in 1994 and first published in 1996 on the Internet when it was young, many people from all around the world enjoyed giving The Gift, and creating fascinating changes through pure energy work.

The Gift has been built into almost every training program Silvia Hartmann ever wrote.


ย Giving The Gift to another person

The Gift can be given to other people, to animals, landscapes, aspects, situations, ereas, powerfields and so much more.

It is a base pattern with infinite uses.


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