Modern Energy

Modern Energy

Modern Energy is the 3rd Field and deals exclusively with the energy body.

Modern Energy, also known as "The Third Field" in the Mind, Body Spirit triad, is a way for human beings to calculate reality with 6 senses, rather than five.

We are connected to reality absolute by (at least) 6 senses, not just 5.

The additional 16.7% of information an individual can gather about reality absolute is a paradigm shift.ย 

Modern Energyย encompasses everything human beings do, but "with energy in mind."

Modern Energy works with the energy components of reality absolute.

The information from the 6th Sense, the missing 16.7%, increases the complexity significantly and allows us to have a more realistic and effective way to deal with ourselves and with the world at large.

People who apply the principles ofย Modern Energy are known as modern energists.

* Please note thatย Modern Energy is not a religion, although it allows those who follow a religion to get more out of their existing religious practices, texts and beliefs - 16.7% more, to be precise.ย 


Modern Energy is the 3rd Field in the Mind, Body, Spirit triad

Modern Energy is the Third Field in the Mind, Body, Spirit triad.

Modern Energy is about the energy body, and the energy dimensions of reality absolute.

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