Modern Energy Chart

Modern Energy Chart

The Modern Energy Chart created by Silvia Hartmann is the core information set that describes Modern Energy in a nutshell.

The Modern Energy Chart by Silvia Hartmann

The Modern Energy Chart created by Silvia Hartmann

The Modern Energy Chart describes the predictable energy states of people (as well as at least also mammals) and the results we can expect from these different energy states.

The scale depicts states of the energy body in simple terms so that anybody can immediately understand it (see also The Mens).

The Modern Energy Chart runs from -10 (The Energy System is entirely extinguished and the person is dead) to +10, the highest possible energized end state for any given individual.

The energy states do not run in a linear fashion; rather, there are threshold shifts where significant state changes take place.

The most important of these threshold shifts is the shift from -6, where the energy system has become entirely de-stabilised, into the emergency explosion at -7. It is of the essence to re-stabilise the energy system and add energy to get out of the high negative stress states which will cause significant injury and damage to the energy system, and through the emotions, to the body and the entire life of a person and all their relationships.

The Modern Energy Chart also shows us the positive wing of energy states. This positive wing is conceptually absent in current theory and practice, and needs to be restored in order to have intelligent solutions and treatment paths for low energy problems. See also r(E)volution by Silvia Hartmann.

Therefore, the Modern Energy Chart is both a diagnostic tool as well as a way forward into a future of better, higher energy states, experienced far more often.

These higher energy states are "the healing" for old energy body problems.

Finally, the Modern Energy Chart gives us the direct instructions as what we have to do to achieve better states in the future, and that is to ADD ENERGY.

* The subjective version of the Modern Energy Chart is the SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience, Hartmann 2008). With use over time, the SUE Scale and the Modern Energy Chart harmonise and the subjective state is the same as the objective state.



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