Power of the Positives

Power of the Positives

In order to solve problems, change anything for the better, heal and evolve, we need energy - we need the Power of the Positives.

Factually there is no such thing as "negative energy" - negative energy is simply an absence of energy.

Therefore, talking about positive energy is like talking about wet water. Energy is always positive.

However, in the human consciousness the faulty idea has arisen that by focusing on problems, solutions can be found.

This is erroneous. We find solutions by focusing on solutions.

"What do I need to solve this problem?"

The answer to this question is some kind of "positive."

We need, at this point, to stand up for working with Positives and making it clear to people that it is the Positives that have all the energy, all the power, all the new ideas, all the potential - and not the endless re-iteration of the negatives.

The Positives are all aspects of love.

ย Positives are the solution

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