Sension - Definition of Sension, Examples of Sension. Sension is the replacement word for "vision" as pertains to information from the energy mind.

ย Sension

Sension Illustration

When we work with all 6 Senses, we obtain a threshold shift in our understanding of reality.

When we receive information from the energy mind, likewise there is a threshold shift of information when we activate all six senses to have instead of just a "vision," a real sension instead.

In a sension, we are experiencing the energy realms fully and lucidly.

noun senยทsion \หˆsen-zhษ™n\

1. The experience of all senses at the same time.
2. The experience of all senses in the Otherworld.

Example: "Last night, I had a sension. I stood on a high mountain top and sensed the land below."

He was a sensionary leader.
She was a sensionary thinker.
It is the sension of a better world that guides our advertising.
He was able to sensionalise the entire production process from start to finish.
It was their shared sension which produced the agreement in the end.
He was gifted with high sensional abilities.
We can ensension what he tried to describe.
She went on a sension quest.

First known use of sension:

February 27th, 2016
originated by Silvia Hartmann


Why do we need the new word "sension"?

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