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Sun Healer

Sun Healer

The Sun Healer is a beautiful healing/energizing pattern from EMO Energy in Motion, using the power of the sun to touch us directly and add energy to the energy body.

The Sun Healer Method with Silvia Hartmann

How to do the Sun Healer:

Step outside when the sun is shining.

Close your eyes and wait until you can feel the sun through your clothes.

Pay attention to the place where the sun noticeably touches you (where it is the warmest).

Move your body until the sun touches the place where there is the most pain.

Let the energy from the sun flow in, through and out.

Breathe deeply!

The Sun Healer self healing/energizing method from EMO diagram

How to do the Sun Healer!


Simple and profound, the Sun Healer can be learned by small children and is a wonderful re-connection with nature itself.

The Sun Healer can also be used to energize us for all manner of positive activities.


* First suggested by Silvia Hartmann's SuperMind in Sarajevo, Bosnia, 2007.


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