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A Star Is Born - ET News 1. 12. 2002

"ET has received a wonderful reception from everyone who took the trouble to actually find out what ET is, what it does and just how it does that. This is due to the absolute and totally uncompromising person-centred approach and the sheer elegance and simplicity of the concept and techniques which prove themselves time and time again by the really profound responses people have when they engage with ET." This is the first ever ET newsletter and it contains an overview of "The Story So Far" and the path to the future ...

A Star Is Born

Well, what a truly exciting year it has been - AD 2002 or also known as the birth year of EMO.

EMO's official birthday is June 30th, 2002 when I (Silvia Hartmann) stood with Ananga Sivyer, Susan Courtney, Ed Grimshaw and Nicola Quinn under the flags of the Commonwealth Center in Kensington and it had all been made here and real.

This would mean EMO's sun is in cancer and moon in pisces; and on ET's very own birth chart is says:

"People see your aura and are drawn by your mystique. You can make the most sensuous dreams come vividly true. You take an emotional approach to life and love."


"Your work makes a strong and lasting impression on others. If you stuck to it, you could make it in any of the arts. Yes, you could merge with Art. Why not leave behind a great contribution? You are much happier when you pursue a spiritual, creative and uplifting vision. Work with the power of your dreams."

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A Wonderful Reception

ET has received a wonderful reception from everyone who took the trouble to actually find out what ET is, what it does and just how it does that.

This is due to the absolute and totally uncompromising person-centred approach and the sheer elegance and simplicity of the concept and techniques which prove themselves time and time again by the really profound responses people have when they engage with ET.

ET is loving and respectful to everything a person is, everything they feel and experience; it is innocent and entirely non-judgemental, doesn't demand sacrifice, suffering or forgiveness and wants nothing but to truly heal the energy body. In so doing, old emotions recede and new classes of states of being are in reach.

"I Am Beautiful And I Want To Dance ..."

These words were spoken by a 40 year old woman, with wonder in her voice and conviction. She did not have a make-over, did not lose 100 pounds in weight, did not spend hours a day in the gym or "develop her personality" in any way - she simply experienced a shift in her states of being to a place where she understood absolutely that she was beautiful and could celebrate the truth of this.

I too look in the mirror these days and no longer sense or feel judgements, anger and confusion but simply a deep fascination about this person who is looking into my eyes and a heartfelt desire to know more about her, her mission and what she could really be and do if she was given *my* full and absolute support for her, whatever her states of being.

New Frontiers

In the few short months of ET's life, so many new approaches, techniques and principles of energetic realities have become revealed, it is a storm of learning and information which has left me simply speechless on many an occasion.

I believe we are at the threshold of a true re-writing of how people work at the energy levels and how this directly and entirely realistically affects their minds, their bodies and their lives. It will be truly fascinating to simply be here and have these new resources which bring with them a very different sense of self, of destiny, of peace within one's life, regardless of all external circumstances.

EMO is a true gift. I am personally deeply and profoundly thankful to have received it personally and honoured to have the resources to be able to pass it on to others.

The Story So Far ...

EMO was first presented at the Commonwealth in Kensington, London, UK, at the end of June 2002. Here, 26 dedicated explorers of the human condition were the first persons ever to be certified as healing practitioners, trainers and teachers of EMO.

The official presentation to the peers in the field took place at the European Energy Therapies Conference, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, in August of 2002.

In September 2002, Gary Craig took one look at ET and immediately added it to the "EFT's Cousins" lists.

In October 2002, Susan Courtney conducted the first US EMO practitioner training in San Francisco, California.

Susan also presented EMO at the German INK Congress and conducted a post-conference practitioner training, sharing the Bill with Dr Callahan and TFT - the oldest and the youngest of the METs being presented together for the first time.

As events progressed, it became apparent that EMO was simply too useful for too many to continue to confine its use and learnings to a few chosen visionary therapists and healers.

In recognition of this fact publishing contracts were signed for the English and German language editions of a book which will be available in Europe, US and UK from March 2003.

The book will be called, "Oceans Of Energy" in keeping with my ongoing dedication to all energy work.

The new central portal site http://EmoTrance.com is now online, providing a platform for interested parties to learn more about EMO, to find a practitioner or a trainer to help them gain the benefits ET has to offer, and to share their experiences with the developing world wide community of other "trancers".

And Now, The Future ...

It is true that at the time, I did not foresee how quickly EMO would become this accepted, this popular or this useful to so many people, in so many different ways.

I also did not yet know at the time that behind the basic techniques and patterns there was an entire universe of applications waiting to be discovered, and this is what makes EMO so much more than just another Energy "Therapy".

Simply put, I thought that 30 trainers would be more than enough but just as simply put, I was wrong about that.

During 2003, I will invite personal applications of sincere teachers and trainers who appreciate the breadth and scope of what EMO is as a system for true mind-body healing and who wish to become a certified and licensed trainer of EMOTM.

These will have to be people who understand that we are at the very beginning of a brand new developing field of working with the human energy body and who are not only willing to contribute their insights and experiences, but also willing to continue to learn as they teach, sharing in each other's latest discoveries and techniques to build the foundations of a powerful, congruent and entirely realistic system that really delivers every single promise it has ever made.

In Conclusion ...

I would like to thank everyone sincerely who has helped me to firstly develop ET and now, those who are using it to make important changes in their lives and in those of others.

It is truly exciting to be here and to see how this will develop further - and the best thing about that is that we don't even know yet just how good it is going to get.

Have a wonderful Solstice season in whichever way you celebrate the birthday of the sun and keep on trancin' :-)

waves of brilliance to you all,


Silvia Hartmann, PhD

Creator, EMOTM


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