About Your EMO Presence - How to Make Your Practice a Success

About Your EMO Presence - How to Make Your Practice a Success

Master EMO Trainer Patricia DancingElk has put together a superb article full of ideas, hints and tips on how to promote yourself as an EMO Practitioner.

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August of 2008 I was jogging happily along in the land of alternative healing using Reiki, massage, ThetaHealing and Shamanism/Earth Medicine.  All of those modalities were taken primarily as a way to help myself heal and grow.  And, also to help my husband who has lived a very physical life and has worn out his body. 

Soon other people were asking me to help them in their journey of healing and growing.  Although I listed myself in several free alternative healing advertisements, many in the community knew me by name so there really wasn’t a reason to advertise my services. 

I developed a website because that is what everyone else was doing.  Still, I was not depending on any income from those healing modalities to support me as I was working full-time as an administrative assistant.  The extra income was a refreshing surprise. 

I must have been too complacent for those in spirit who guide and counsel me because they brought EMO into my life.   While I still work full-time and don’t depend on income from course fees to support me, the course fees serve in my passion for promoting EMO as it is quite expensive and time consuming.  My goal is a full-time EMO practice.  

I look at Silvia and all of the things that she does every day and it makes me dizzy.  Have you ever looked at the many websites that she has?  All of the products?  All of the books?  One day I was surfing for material for a new brochure when I happened across one of her many articles and I decided to follow the links, which lead to her spirit dolls and then more links to the Genius Symbols and Project Sanctuary, and even more links still to the Million project, the books, the music, etc.  Wow.  I want to be Silvia when I grow up.

Oh, I got sidetracked for a minute.  Back to my story.  From the beginning of my training with Master Trainer, Sandra Hillawi, my goal has been to attain the status of Master Trainer for myself so that those here in the US would have the option of Trainer’s Training without international travel.  And, also because once I learned about EMO, I was so enamored with it that I wanted everyone to know and use it.   When I spoke with Sandra about my aspirations she explained what the requirements were and I went to work.  It became that my first job of Admin. Coordinator (now) became secondary to my job of EMO promotion.  I am not complaining, and there really is a point to this long story. The story is about the world of promotion, marketing and advertising.  No wonder people make a career of that.  It is immense!

Through all of it, I have learned a few tricks that I want to share with all of you so that you can be more successful in your own EMO practices.  Some of the tips you may already use.  Some you may have thought of, but never put into effect.  And, hopefully, some are new ideas.

1. Web presence – a website is invaluable to any private practice.  There are several companies that offer free 1 page sites.  For a quality site check out SpaceNode from DragonRising.  With that service you get automatic links.

2. Advertising

a) List in local alternative healing publications.  Google alternative healing directory for your area.  Many of the listings are free.
b) Reciprocal listings with other practitioners.  Many other practitioners have a “links” section in their website where they list other healing modalities, practitioners and services and will list you in return for you listing them on your site.
c) Posting your practice on the boards at local health food stores, metaphysical shops and alternative healing practices.
d) Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blog presences bring exposure.  Write articles about EMO, about your experiences, you clients experiences (anonymous, unless you have permission).
e) Set up at health fairs, expos and even psychic fairs. 
f) Have a supply of the following with you at all times:  business cards, fliers, brochures, your scheduling book and registration forms. 
g) Purchase an advertisement slot in the EMO yearbook each year.
h) Create an energizing bio for your EMO.Com listing.  Be sure to include a picture of yourself that is reflective of your practice. 
i) Include a picture of yourself in your correspondence, brochures, business cards, and fliers.  People will be more apt to connect with you.

3. As a trainer:

a) Have handouts for new practitioners that include lists of ways to advertise.
b) Follow up with your practitioners to offer practice refreshers to help them to stay motivated in building their practice. 
c) Invite practitioners to co-train with you at future seminars to help build their skills. 
d) Invite practitioners to join you at fairs, events and meetings.  It will help them make contacts for their practice and encourage them to expand their skills.

Although I have been a practitioner of alternative healing arts for almost 30 years now, with the quickly evolving advertising market there is always something new to learn.  I hope that this has helped you in some way.

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