Accredited! First E.C.T Certified Practitioner Training

Accredited! First E.C.T  Certified Practitioner Training The GoE is delighted to announce that the first ever Accredited Energy Cone Technique Practitioner training will take place in Amsterdam, 17th/18th February 2007, with originator Tom Wynn & GoE Trainer Sally Canning. We were invited to the first UK E.C.T workshop earlier this year (read my report & interview with Tom Wynn HERE) and this training comes highly recommended! Full details and booking information below and with only 30 spaces available, an early booking is advised.

Congratulations Tom & Sally!

Here at Last!

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to
be amongst the first in the WORLD to become a

Certified Practitioner of the
Energy Cone Technique

The Newest Meridian Energy Therapy

In Amsterdam Sat 17th/ Sun 18th February 2007

With Presentation and Demonstration from the Originator

Tom Wynn

Sally Canning, and Tom Wynn will introduce you to the theory and practice of this unique, simple, yet profound technique that works at a very deep level bringing up and releasing trapped energies/traumas quickly, easily, and permanently. As well as being a wonderful stand alone treatment the Energy Cone Technique enhances and deepens the experience of many existing therapies and skills.

Through direct personal experiences you will

  • Focus on the discovery of Energy Cysts, or Cones, predominantly in the palms of the hands, and the dispersal and elimination of that trapped energy in, through, and out of the energy body.
  • Develop an appreciation of the way trauma is kept, held, encoded in the body, its structure, and, how energy disturbances are detected.
  • Discover how to utilise this technique to releases deep, old energetic wounds from the energy system whilst enabling clients to be aware of the lessons learned from their experiences.
  • Experience how to apply intention to influence the energy system in order to use the Energy Cone Technique in your practice with confidence.

This totally non invasive, often confidential technique is particularly valuable for those involved in Healing, Bodywork, Meridian Energy Therapies, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Personal Development, Counselling

Experience this amazing technique in the beautiful Centrum de Roos Spiritual Centre in Amsterdam for ยฃ297.00, inclusive of certification

For Booking Information - Email using the link below or call Sally on: 01909 472097

To take a look at the venue visit

For more information on the Energy Cone Technique please visit here and here.

For more details and to book through the training page please click HERE

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