Definition of "acupressure" per dictionary in my hovel's bookshelves?
One word: "shiatsu."
(Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Ed., 1993.)

Acupressure/Acupuncture links below are roughly grouped:
1. intros, history, theory, and useful guides
2. interactive models, charts, and misc.
3. illustrated "how to" treatments for specific problems
Note: The "meridians folder" (links and "code-breaker") referred to is available as "All About Meridians" in GOE's Info Ctr,

Intros, history, theory, and useful guides

Guide to Acupressure
Online guide by James Roy Holliday III. Click to see good illustrations of acupoints to massage for allergies, anxiety, fear control, intoxication, memory, migraines, nervousness, restlessness, smoking control, vertigo, etc. Also charley-horse cramps, flatulence, heart attack, vomiting, and more.

Acupressure Intro/History
Brief intro and history. Charts re five elements and their correspondences in nature and human body, common acupressure points, point selection examples, symptoms and points. E.g., depression (H3, Ren6), "sexuality points" (DU4, Ren4), "hypochondriac pain" (SJ6, GB34), hiccough (long sequence -- "boo!" might be faster). For better understanding of Ren, Du, SJ, etc., see Meridians folder.

The Conceptual Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Good introduction to differences between Western and traditional Chinese medicine in this article by George T. Lewith. See "The Emotions and Mental Disease."

2. Interactive models, charts, misc.

ACUXO -- Interactive Acu Database **
You'll love this terrific interactive acupuncture database. For example: Click "Points", then click Bladder Meridian to see its path; click "BL-1 Jing Ming" (used in TAT pose), and you'll see that point clearly highlighted. Excellent illustrations. Click "Selections" to see an ever-growing library of conditions and acupuncture protocols. (Also see Meridians folder.)

Acupoints Sorted by Pinyin Name
You've heard of acupoints "Baihui" and "Shufu" but don't know what they are? Here's one way to learn that they're GV-20 (on top of head) and K-27 ("collarbone points").

Acupoints Sorted by Point Code
You've read that BL-1 (Jingming) is used in the TAT pose and want to know location or Pinyin name translation? This chart's got the answer. Be sure to surf this comprehensive site.

Acupuncture Interactive Model **
From Qi Journal's homepage, click "Traditional Chinese Medicine" to find interactive acupuncture chart. You can rotate human model, zoom in, click on acupoints to learn name, location, usage. (You'll want to explore this site.)

Koryo Correspondence Theory
Newbies may hear about Koryo Hand Acupuncture. But Folder Queen suggestsputting on back burner to maybe delve into later. Here's a little theory with some illustrations. You'll see alpha-numeric codes are different.

Koryo Hand Acupuncture Basic Therapy
Illustrations of "basic prescriptions" in Koryo Hand Acupuncture -- Middle Heater, Lower Heater, Upper Heater, Abdominal, Neural, and Lumbar. (click "Basic Therapy")

Point2Health -- Interactive Health Solutions **
This commercial site has good info re acupressure and reflexology self-help for a variety of problems. For example, click on circulatory system icon for illustration of acupoints and foot reflexology for hypertension. Or point and click to a problem area on interactive model of human body.

3. Illustrated "how-to" treatments for specific problems

Allergies **
For allergy treatments, see "Allergies & Sensitivities" folder.
(See "Allergy Links" in Lists & Links at GOE's Info Ctr,

Might be interesting to muscle-test re the two points shown in photos at this site.

Good illustration of P-6 (Inner Gate) inner wrist acupoints.

Anxiety and Phobia
Symptoms, syndromes and treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Includes acupoints, but no illustrations. (click "Consumer Site")

Colds & Flu
Acupressure's Potent Points, Chapt. 11 (M.R. Gach). Touch Third Eye point (GV-24.5) to balance endocrine system. Press collarbone pts (K-27), breathe, visualize congestion clearing... Good illustrations of points/exercises re relieving some symptoms of colds/flu.

See illustrations.

Good illustrations of top of head (GV-20), wrist (P-6), and other acupoints. See the "interactive body" at this site (

Several points described but not illustrated.

First Aid
18 points for treating common emergencies, by Dr. Patrick Che-to Yeung. Flash movie demo of a few points. Illustrations of GV-26 (philtrum) for shock, cardiac failure; GV-20 (top of head) for shock, stroke due to cerebral hemorrhage; LI-4 for pain, etc.

First Aid
Theory, locating/manipulating pts, first-aid uses of some key pts. Illustrations include some acupoints used in energy psych techniques: GV-20 (top of head), P-6 (wrist), L-11 (thumb), etc.

First-Aid and Remedials -- Koryo Hand Acupuncture
Koryo hand points illustrations for loss of consciousness, bleeding, food poisoning, pain in various parts of body, alcohol intoxication, excessive dreaming, etc.

Headaches -- Ear & Body Points
Excellent illus of ear and body points to massage for occipital and frontal headaches (antitragus, LI-4, LV-3, GB-20).

Jet Lag
Instructions for conquering jet lag. Includes illustration of horary points and a horary chart showing which acupoints to massage on arms and legs and when. Compare this to Willem Lammers' energy psych method, filed in EFT folder of Starter Kit. (To conquer fear of flying, see stress release demo/animation via

Menstrual Cramps
Discussion/photos of acupressure exercises, from Susan Lark's The Menopause Self Help Book.

Nausea & Seasickness
Good illus of P-6, ST-36, CV-12.

Nausea following chemotherapy
Results of breast cancer-related study re P-6 and ST-36. (No illustrations, but you can find these acupoints via interactive acupuncture model or meridian illustrations links in Meridians folder.)

Nerves (Ear Acupressure)
Photo may not be visible, but see other info at this site.

Neural Basic Prescription -- Koryo
Illus of hand points K-A12, K-12 and K-138. "The latter two points correspond to points on the classical Bladder Meridian which traditionally has a strong relationship with the nervous system."

Pain -- Interactive Body **
Cool. You'll want to see model and list of conditions at this commercial site. "Select part of the body to view the acupuncture points to help you with pain in that area."

Pain Relief During Labour -- Acupressure Analgesia
Illustrations of GB-21, K-1, CO-4 (LI-4), etc. (click "Trad. Chinese Medicine)

Sinusitis -- Ear & Body Points
Excellent illustration of tragus/ear. Links to illus of LI-20 and LI-4. (Also see Allergies folder.)

Sore Throat
Good illustration of LU-11 (Lesser Merchant), the thumb acupoint tapped in techniques such as EFT. Also see "Voice Strain," which illustrates TW-3 (back of hand gamut point) and more at

Good illustrations of H-7, GV-20, P-6, and other points.

Great illustrations of LI-4 and LV-3. See other self-help at this site.

Well-Being -- General
Illus of Liv-3, ST-36, LI-4, SP-6, LI-11. Bottom of page links to "interactive body."

This material taken from 4/01 "Acupressure & Acupuncture" folder of Starter Kit for Meridian Therapies Newbies (Bronwen Stimpert). URLs checked/current as of 8/14/01.
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