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Adventures In ET

Adventures In ET

Kim Bradley writes: I was having an EMO Adventure weekend! I was booked to give live EMO taster sessions at the Buddhist Vahara Therapy Day in Chiswick on Saturday, and on Sunday I was giving a presentation about EMO Ealing Networking for Therapists Meeting. Not everything went according to plan, but it's only an energy ... *


Adventures in EMO!

Saturday 7th June 2008:

EMO At The Charity Complimentary Therapies Day

At the Buddhist Vahara Center In London

As a complimentary therapist I have given my services to therapy days on many occasions to help raise money for charity. Usually I have opted for back and shoulder massage or “conventional” chair healing, but this time I decided to offer EMO sessions instead. I’m not sure the organizer of the event was convinced that this therapy would be taken up as people were expected to pay £10 for a 20 minute session. So I arrived with a little trepidation but to my pleasure and delight I had a large number of bookings. Most people had chosen to book me as they looked at the list and must have thought, “Well I know all these same old therapies, let’s try something new.”

I have got the mini session down to a fine art now having been thrown in at the deep end a few weeks before at a cancer research charity event where I saw 10 women for EMO in one and half hours – that was a marathon!

This was a more sedate affair and I was able to explain energy nutrition (comparing it to physical nutrition to help them understand the process) and we worked on a small to middle size issue in their life.

The wonderment of EMO is that no-one had to tell me about the details of their problem, which is ideal when you are in a non-private setting.

I asked if there was something that troubled them, to show me where they felt it in their body, and I worked directly with the body as a feedback device and cleared the blockage they could feel and checked to see if the pressure was released when they thought about the problem again, which it was in all cases. I finished with a fine shower of innocent energy and sent them on their way feeling clear, calm but energised.

I agreed a phone call with each person a few days after the event and all reported to be feeling better. It also gave me the opportunity to promote the Self Help workshops so that they can learn the process more thoroughly. In my experience I have found that telling people about EMO tends to leave a few blank expressions, but showing them leaves them with a knowing in their eyes and a hunger for more!

Sunday 8th June 2008:

EMO In The Park

Every 2nd Sunday of the month a growing group of therapists in London (Stay Active Therapists Network) meet to network, exchange views and have a guest speaker about a therapy or advice on your business.

Today I was booked to be the speaker and to share EMO to my group of peers. This was a little challenging and took some preparation of my own energy system so that I could talk fluidly and from my heart to theirs when telling them about EMO!
I arrived feeling very professional and business- like only to find that the organizer had forgotten to bring the key for the venue!

So the general consensus was to conduct the meeting in the park, as it was luckily, a beautiful spring day. I think if I hadn’t prepared by energy system I would have been completely flummoxed at the idea of doing my presentation in a public park!

When it came for me to do my talk, everyone listened with rapture as I spoke about how EMO came to be, the basics of energy nutrition, handling client energy and using EMO for self development. The energy was so engaging I’m sure a few squirrels and some pigeons stopped to listen!

I had wonderful feedback from the audience members and I had really “walked my talk” with energy as well – what a great learning adventure!

The moral of the story, be prepared for the unexpected – but if you have EMO on your side, you WILL handle anything and don’t ever need to be afraid to go with the flow.

My next EMO adventure is our first Self Help Workshop on 21st June and then at the Tony Robbins Yes Group meeting in London on 25th June.

I look forward to it!

Kim Bradley
EMO Trainer
020 8842 2386
07970 584 851

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