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Advertising with The Guild of Energists

The Guild of Energists has a number of advertising channels available for marketing to people interested in modern energy:

  • GoE Main Website - over 60,000 page views each month
  • GoE Monthly Newsletter - over 45,000 recipients 
  • GoE on Facebook - Biggest EFT Group (over 21,000 members) and GoE Facebook Page (over 7,500 likes)
  • GoE Postal Mailshot - Send postcards to members

GoE Website - Sponsored Article

The GoE.ac website has been serving the international modern energy community since 1998 and receives on average about 60,000 page views each month.

GoE.ac's visitors are the most precise target market on the web for products, training events and conferences related to modern energy.

We'll work with you to publish a sponsored article on the GoE's homepage. This will then be included in the next GoE Local Newsletter (sent to over 45,000 people), linked to from our social media accounts, linked to from the news page of your professional GoE member website (if you have one), linked to from over a thousand other GoE member websites and viewable by the thousands of people browsing our website.

  • Price: £125 GBP

Your article will be online for at least three months.

GoE Monthly Newsletter - Sponsored Event

Each month the GoE emails out a highly customised newsletter to approx 45,000 people, showing members and events near them.

If you have a GoE event that you would like shown to everyone (not just people near the location of the event) then you can sponsor your event:

  • Price: £25 GBP per newsletter

You may also choose to sponsor an article on the GoE's homepage (see above) which will then be included in the monthly newsletter.

GoE Postal Mailshot - Post Cards

Post a full-colour double sided A6 post-card to GoE members. Price is £1 GBP per UK member, more for Europeans & Internationals.

  • Contact the office for a quote or to set a budget.

GoE on Facebook - Sponsored Posts

Main GoE Facebook Page

Sponsor a post on the GoE's Facebook Page and reach thousands of people interested in Modern Energy.

You may choose for anyone to see the post, or specify which geographical area you would like to target.

  • Price: You choose the advertising budget (minimum of £50 GBP), we take 25% commission, pass 75% on to Facebook for promoting your post

For example, you pay us £100.00 for advertising. We pass on £75.00 to Facebook who currently are saying your post will be shown to 14,000-38,000 people.

GoE Modern Energy Discussion Group

Sponsor a post to the largest EFT Group on Facebook, which is run by the GoE.

** GoE.ac/sponsored **
Hey guys, I've got an Energy EFT healing retreat coming up next month in India. I know you'll love it - see https://example.com/hr

  • Price: £25 GBP - standard post
  • Price: £50 GBP - "pinned post" to top of group for one month

There is a free option of posting to the EFT Group Market Thread instead of opting for the sponsored post.

Terms & Conditions

    • To book an advertisement, to make a payment or to discuss advertising and marketing, please contact the office.
    • We reserve the right to maintain editorial control over advertising through GoE channels.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement.
    • All payments must be made in advance.
    • The numbers and stats shown on this page are correct as of 9th February 2017.