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Allergies as a Metaphor for Fear

Allergies as a Metaphor for Fear

Sandi Radomski writes: When I began specializing in treating allergies, colleagues often asked me why psychotherapists would be interested in allergic reactions. Now more and more therapists are aware that many of our patient’s presenting emotional and physical symptoms is actually an allergic reaction.  Anger, anxiety, depression, ADD, pain and brain fog are often triggered and maintained by what a person eats, smells or touches.

We are currently experiencing an exponential increase in allergies and sensitivities. A primary reason for this increase is that our foods and our environment are filled with many new and toxic chemicals. Since 1945 more than 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our lives. Some of these chemicals are clearly toxic to our system such as Teflon and pesticides. Often substances are not essentially dangerous but our bodies are not longer able to identify what is good for us and what is bad for us. Therefore, it begins to create an immune system reaction in order to protect us. Our bodies can handle a certain amount of these questionable substances but often the system becomes overloaded and a person begins to experience negative symptoms. These symptoms can be both emotional and/or physical.

Allergies and sensitivities can also arise out of a conditional response. We become reactive to those substances that are associated with traumas that we have experienced. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells, or texture present in one’s brain during a trauma became part of the memory. Later exposure to those same or similar sights, sounds, tastes, smells or textures can trigger a sensitivity reaction.

Our bodies are always trying to protect us. However, sometimes its efforts are counterproductive to our health. Rebecca Marina in her DVD “The Power of Emotions in our Blood” shows the dramatic effect of emotions on our cells. Of all the emotions tested, fear makes the blood cells move most quickly, frantically searching for the source of the danger. Unfortunately, the blood cells often find vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium and other molecules that are good for the body and attack them as though they were the culprits. The immune system is trying to keep out foreign invaders but it is working on faulty information.

I believe that allergies are a metaphor for fear. The body perceives a danger and sets up an immune system response for protection. Our bodies are always trying to protect us. However the body has often been confused. If a trauma has occurred in the presence of a substance, the trauma and the substance become conditioned as in Pavlov’s experiments. Repeat exposure to the substance triggers a replay of the trauma on a cellular level and an inappropriate immune system response. The body says “I will kill you before you kill me”. Energy Psychology techniques uncouple the trauma from the substance and free the body to experience peace and safety in its presence.

The following is an email recounting one person’s benefit of working with specific substance causing a problem. After months of using EFT for her discomfort in her eyes following cataract surgery, Marilyn found relief after working on the implanted lens directly. It gave her needed comfort and a sense of control.

Marilyn Deak, PhD. “An ‘Allergy Antidotes’ Frame of Mind”

“Two-and-a-half months after cataract surgery, I was still struggling with extremely irritated eyelids, and some swelling in the lid of the eye with the new lens. I was seeing the ophthalmologist every few weeks, and he had no suggestions for ways to help. No lubricating eye drops helped, and I was told that the implant looked great.

During this same period, I had a flare up of fibromyalgia, and was experiencing unusual sensitivities to a variety of nutrients. I had also become more forgetful and had the feeling that thoughts were literally falling out of my head.

Lying in bed on morning, worried and frustrated by my eye discomfort, I had one of those ‘aha’ moments…. Maybe I was allergic to the new lens. I remembered Sandi Radomski talking about a patient who was allergic to a titanium implant. Self muscle testing suggested this was the case.

During the 2 ½ month since surgery, I had tried EFT for variant of: “these dry, grainy eyes”, with little or no relief. With the awareness of a probable allergic reaction, I started EFT tapping for: “Even though I’m having an allergic reaction to this Crystalens implant……”Even though every cell of my body feels under attack by this implant….”Even though my immune system is hyper-alert because of this implant, I choose to have all of my cells calm and at peace…..

After about 30 minutes of variations on this theme, my eyes felt better. I was very happy. I used the laser on my ear points. Now at the end of the day, my eyes continue to be more comfortable than they had been and I have more energy.

I am so thankful to the information I’ve received over the years, about allergies and energetic treatments for allergies. Within the past week, I have been seen by 4 medical doctors, and none of them suggested the possibility that the problems I presented could relate to allergies.”

Trauma due to the surgery caused the body to associate fear with the implanted lens. Treating for the sensitivity to the lens unhooked the fear and stopped her symptom.

I have now simplified my Allergy Antidotes system to make it more accessible to everyone. I use three basic treatments: Spinal Release, Laser Ear Spray and Ask & Receive. All of these techniques include holding, saying or thinking about the reactive substance while the body is put into balanced state. It is giving the body new information. It is letting the body know that the substance is safe.

Spinal Release entails stimulating all of the associated meridian points along the spine. Laser Ear Spray stimulates all of the reflex points on the ear that refer to all parts of the body. Ask & Receive is the simplest and most elegant way to reprogram ones’ body. Ask & Receive is based on the concept that we all have a higher, broader perspective that knows what we need. The 5 step Ask & Receive process gives us access to this higher state information. It informs the body it is safe to relax in the presence of the substance. It teaches the body it can let down its guard. It identifies and releases the traumas and their resulting limiting beliefs that block healing.

During the upcoming EFT & Energy Psychology conference, I will be presenting Ask & Receive as one of the newest Energy Psychology techniques. During my 2 day post conference workshop, I will be teaching the Foundation course in Ask and Receive and focusing on its use in resolving physical problems. I will use my Allergy Antidotes format as a model for using Ask & Receive in your practice.

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