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GoE Energy Conference 2014 - Full Report

GoE Energy Conference 2014 - Full Report

This is the report on the GoE Energy Conference 2014 including feedback from delegates, photos and videos.

Note: If you'd like to join us for GoE 2015 (10th & 11th October 2015) then please do register soon to get the best ticket price

Delegates of The GoE Energy Conference 2014

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Registration Is Now Open for the GoE Energy Conference 2015, 10th & 11th October 2015, Eastbourne, UK
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or phone the GoE office on +44 (0)1323 700 800

Conference Feedback

Silvia Hartmann, GoE Chairperson

This was a truly fantastic conference. Truly felt like a whole new beginning. What was the icing on the cake for me personally were the people who came up afterwards and told me it was their first time at an energy conference, and how blown away they were by all they learned and the people they met - but most of all by the atmosphere, the energy, and the sincerity and authenticity from everyone involved. That tells me we are really doing something right!

Alex Kent, Conference Organiser

I didn’t think that the GoE Energy Conference could get any better, but this year has been nothing less than a paradigm shift for the energist community as a whole.

For many years we called the Gatwick Europa Hotel our home, but as The GoE continues to grow and expand, we chose to take an evolutionary step and move venue.

This was not a decision we made lightly and spent two years searching up and down the country, visiting countless hotels and meeting spaces. There are so many factors to take into consideration including location, travel accessibility for both home and international delegates, how much delegates pay for hotel rooms, do delegates have alternative accommodation options in the area, can they park their cars easily, do the conference rooms offer natural light, are there opening windows, are there food options both at the hotel and in the surrounding area, does the area offer outstanding natural beauty and so forth.

It turned out that the perfect venue was right on our doorstep and I believe we all fell a little bit in love with The View Hotel in Eastbourne on England’s sunshine south coast.

Living and working in this town, we’ve all passed this great venue hundreds of times over the years, but it’s owners, The Unite Union, have only recently decided to make it available to the public. They’ve spent millions of pounds doing the venue up - and it shows - but unlike many hotels we visited, you still feel like you’re talking to real people and not walking/talking “terms and conditions.”

The timing for the move was absolutely right for us as we needed larger meeting spaces for the increased numbers of energists coming, and it was also the right time for the hotel who have just opened their doors to outside business.

They are also creating a whole new meeting space for 2015 suitable for at least 200 delegates, meaning we can look forward to coming back next year and also grow the conference in many different ways.

This year we sold out the conference with all 150 tickets purchased, however about ten people deferred to next year meaning we had about 140 delegates in total. This is still a 25% increase in numbers on last year and I felt the new venue and our GoE team of Zoe, Stephen and Aimee coped brilliantly. A big thanks to all the staff at the venue who were so helpful no matter what we threw at them, Gill, Simon, Joe, Ian, Fran, Maxine and Stevie to name just a few.

Speaking to delegates and presenters it was clear that there was something special happening here. That wasn’t just what was happening in the workshops where people were having profound emotional and learning experiences, but also in the corridors where it was great to see a large number of interviews taking place, books being signed, email addresses being swapped, and plans being forged for the future, long after the curtains closed for this year.

A few people separately said to me that the GoE Energy Conference “has great energy” and commented on how it was fantastic that we “walked our talk.” I was surprised to hear that many people’s experiences with similar energy conferences is that they lack energy!

What I do know is that the number of people smiling, grinning and laughing throughout the weekend was fantastic. It was a pleasure to see people’s positive energy being so visible.

On my own personal evolution, this is the first year I’ve presented so thanks to everyone who showed up and was a part of my talk on “Internet for Energists.” It was a real amazing experience to give back to the GoE community and I’m hoping that by putting all the links and technical advice in the manual you didn’t mind spending the workshop on doing some practical energy exercises to ensure that blocks to your internet success are removed and your next online steps are effortless and apparent to you.

One of the sad things about being conference organiser is that I didn’t get to sit in many of the presentations, but I did hear wonderful things about everyone!

We did however, get an incredible amount of video footage from this conference and will make this available to delegates and presenters free-of-charge in the coming weeks. I know we only promised to record audio, so we hope you find the video’s a welcome bonus when they are uploaded.

We’ve already begun to read your feedback forms and make preparations in advance to make sure that the GoE Energy Conference 2015 returns bigger and better than ever. If you’d like to secure your place then do purchase tickets this month when they are only £129.00. You’ll have a whole year to look forward to our next conference on the 10th & 11th October 2015!

Finally, a big thank-you to all our wonderful 2014 presenters and delegates for being an absolute pleasure to host. All of us at GoE headquarters haven’t stopped smiling since getting back and have been loving all the “wasn’t that great when…”, “did you see…” and “have you heard…” stories you’ve been telling us about.

We hope you had many wonderful experiences at the conference and we look forward to welcoming you back in October!

Marion Hind

Feeling awesome. I am still on a high after a fabulous weekend at the GoE Conference. This was my first conference and thank you to everyone for making it so memorable, I didn't want it to end. Huge thanks also to the GoE team for all your hard work. It was amazing and my place is already booked for next year.

Jo Helesfay-Evans

Totally agree with Marion Hind, really enjoyed the whole experience, really appreciate the hard work that goes into making it happen. Have been going every year for ages now and loving it, loved the conference just as much as ever, totally loved the hotel much more than the previous venue.

Lovely to meet so many new people, delighted to catch up with all the familiar faces and a message to some of the past regulars who didn't come this time - you missed a great event and I missed your presence - would love to see you there next year. xxx

Amy Kiberd - Hay House Commissioning Editor

Dear Alex,

I just wanted to congratulate you on putting together a fantastic conference at the weekend!

There was an amazing atmosphere and energy present, and so much helpful information shared.

I was reminded again of what a truly original and gifted teacher Silvia is. I nearly fell off my chair laughing in her talk on marketing for energists, she is great!

Thank you for inviting me to speak, I really enjoyed it and I thought the audience were fantastic. I hope the Sunday was just as much fun as the Saturday!

Well done to you and to all the team.

Warm wishes,


Sandra Hillawi

Dear Alex,

It really was an excellent conference, the best yet.

You are a conference genius as well as a technical genius :-)

Well done to the GoE team :-)

Kirsten Ivatts

I had such an amazing conference with everyone. SO much energy flowing in that building, really something special. Thank you to anyone I didn't manage to thank in person for all the help and inspiration you gave me. Energists rock! And Silvia, I didn't get to give you a goodbye hug. You are the brightest star amongst us all. Thank you for the gifts you have shared and for just being you.

Sharon King

Thank you Silvia Hartmann and all the GoE staff, presenters and participants for such a wonderful, energy filled conference.. there was a lovely undercurrent of flow, peace and ease to the conference, unlike anything i have experienced before... AMAZING.

Laura Moberg

“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul.”

Just got back from several days doing just this! Thanks to Silvia Hartmann, Alex Kent and all fellow energists (present in body and otherwise) who made it an EVENT!

Fiona Dilston

Good morning, back after my EFT and Energy conference and London adventures ....grateful for the love, support, feeding and ferrying around from my old friend Alanah. The conference was awesome and it was great to put faces to names Beatrice, Susan, Silvia, Martin, Kirsten, Stephen, Alex, Sandra, Margarita and loads more ... ♥

Richard Flook, Presenter

I loved every minute of it. The energy at the conference was wonderful. That is saying something. Thank you Alex Kent and also Silvia Hartmann. Silvia you are such an inspiration.

Peter Delves

What a great conference! Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation 'Get Lucky' and their fantastic comments. I would be very keen to hear any feedback/experiences in the following days/weeks, so do stay in touch. I have now decided to run a one day workshop at the beginning of January called "Your Luckiest Year Yet". Hope some of you can make it!

Margarita Foley

A Great Big Thank you for giving me the blessing of such a wonderful experience.

I am so happy. I don’t think there is so much life anywhere else as there was this year in Eastbourne.

I want to say too that I was impressed that every speaker seemed to bring about a flow of high energy. That was what created the wonderful atmosphere. I was also impressed at the welcoming approach to a visitor who was interested in what we do.

Grace DaSilvia-Hill

I enjoyed everything about this conference, thank you! Everyone had such special gifts to offer and share.

Tina Beckham

It was difficult to pick one specific favourite thing about the conference. The talks this year were even better than last year. Coming together like this is so important! can we have an extra day next year please?

Clare Davidson

The 2014 EFT & Energy Conference was fun, informative, and very well organised thanks to Alex. All of the speakers were as good as each other. Seeing new faces is always good, and reconnecting with the original presenters was very important.

Karen Rayner

This weekend, I felt completely immersed in energy. I felt as if I was able to hone in and experience the love, which is our true source. The energy was wonderful, and I felt as if we were like family, and this, a family gathering.

Not only that, but the venue was brilliant, as were the speakers and their content.

Deborah Wiggins-Hay

Overall, this weekend was very good! The venue was perfect, and the daily structure and choices were excellent. Choosing a favourite presenter would be like choosing just one item from a gourmet platter!

Madeline Land

I thought the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference was very well-organised: timings, breaks, manuals, recordings, and the support of the GoE staff.

I also loved the delightful collective energy, the quality of the presentations, and meeting my Facebook friends in person. All in all, it was excellent!

Adrianne McAllister

This was the best conference yet for me! I loved the ambience, the hotel, the speakers, and the GoE staff.

Tahira Aziz

I enjoyed the new venue. It was much better being by the sea, and so much more professional. I felt this enticed lots of new delegates.

I’m very impressed - it was very good this time!

Trish Norman

Everything was fantastic: the energy, the choices, the shared magical experiences, and the excellent venue. It was a powerful experience, and it was exciting to be part of the explosion. Also, all of the presentations I attended offered some really valuable insight.

Maggie Brown

I came to Eastbourne from Western Canada especially for this event, and I am so incredibly grateful to everyone involved! This was my premier conference and I completely and totally loved it! It was an amazing experience to learn more about the energy work out there. Blessings to all!

Heather Pollard

The EFT & Energy Conference enabled so many connections and such camaraderie. You could definitely feel the love and knowledge between us all! Keep on keeping on!

Vic Thorpe

During the GoE Energy Conference 2014, there was such a sense of optimism, purpose, and positive flow! I can’t think of how it could possibly be improved - it was a triumph!

Corah Clark

The atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm at this conference was phenomenal, as was the quality of the presentations. The staff at the hotel could not have been more friendly and helpful, too. Alex and the GoE team have worked magic. They are always so helpful and so full of love!

Donna Wirth

The conference was wonderful. Congratulations and thank you to SILVIA and her team. The presenters gave us so much information and ideas to help our clients and grow our businesses. I'm so looking forward to the audios and videos of the presentations I was not able to attend. It was so much fun spending time with other Energists and making new friends. I highly recommend it and am looking forward to next year.

Dervilla Clark

Attending this event was a big step outside my comfort zone.

Why??? Because it was my first time travelling by air on my own and I had moments of feeling vulnerable. Outward journey was fine, but honestly I was quite anxious about the return journey....because I was afraid that I might get lost or overwhelmed in busy trains and London Gatwick airport.

But yet again, tapping came to the rescue. I tapped before I left the hotel and set the intention for a positive journey home.....and guess what....that is exactly what happened.

Lovely helpful taxi man, smooth train journey (I was afraid I might be packed in like a sardine!! on a busy train or that I would have to stand for it!!! ....but no....comfortable seat all the way!)

Easy check in and straightforward boarding with safe flight home.

Was I happy ....absolutely. I am delighted that I attended and listened to wonderful speakers. Energetic shifts happened for me on many levels.

Growth is here for all of us and energy work rocks!!

If you want to step outside your comfort zone and are filled with fear.....remember you have a choice....you can hold onto the fear and stay stuck or you can move the energy and step outside into wonderful growth and possibilities:-)

Sandra Walmeyer

Dear Silvia and GoE family, thank you (again) for a lovely conference! I loved the sea, the hotel, the speakers and the ENERGY.

Kim How

It was a great conference wasn't it? - I had a very inspiring and uplifting time! I'm looking forward to similar events in the future.

Kathie Oakley

AMT2014 was the best conference yet!

Well done - great team, always smiling, always helpful.


The GoE team is busy processing hours of audio and video which alongside the extensive conference manual will be made available free-of-charge to AMT2014 and AMT2015 delegates. We hope to get you the download links by 1st December 2014.

In the meantime, we've uploaded a few clips here for you to enjoy.

Welcoming the first GoE Master Energists

Silvia Hartmann launched the GOE's top-level qualification the AMT Master Energist as a pre-conference training. This video shows Nuhar Abrahams, Oliver Peltier, Laura Moberg, Irene Loudon and Margarita Foley receiving their certificates:

Capturing a moment in time

Delegates of the GoE Energy Conference 2014 get ready to have their photo taken:

The conference manual was a masterpiece!

A big thanks to all the contributors and editors who made this years conference manual the best one yet. At 101,419 words, 322 A4 pages, it represents a good snapshot of our field in 2014:

Further Info

Registration Is Now Open for the GoE Energy Conference 2015, 10th & 11th October 2015, Eastbourne, UK
Register Now
or phone the GoE office on +44 (0)1323 700 800

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