GoE Energy Conference 2015 - Schedule & Presentations Announced!

GoE Energy Conference 2015 - Schedule & Presentations Announced!

The full schedule (subject to change) and all of the presentations for the AMT Energy Conference 2015 at The View Hotel, Eastbourne, UK, on October 10-11, have been revealed! GoE Chair and creator of Energy EFT Silvia Hartmann is giving a keynote talk, as well as hosting several other presentations at the conference.

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AMT Energy Conference 2015

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Amongst the many wonderful presentations at this year's GoE Energy Conference include GoE Chair Silviaย Hartmann (the GoE Trainers boot camp is one all trainers will wantย to be at!), prolific GoE Trainers Sandra Hillawi, Susan Kennard andย Peter Delves, as well as exciting presentations from new speakers including Jorge Vence, Susan Browne and editor ofย The Energist magazine Stephen Kent.ย 

Tickets for the GoE Energy Conference 2015 are still available and are selling fast. Book now for ยฃ179.00, saving 40% on the full price of your ticket!ย Follow this link:ย TheAMT.com/conference/register.htmย or call (+44) 01323 700800 (9.30am-4.30pm UK) to book your place at our wonderful conference!

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