GoE Trainer Gives EFT Talks To IGPP Members

GoE Trainer Gives EFT Talks To IGPP Members AMT Trainer Sandra Hillawi has recently given a presentation on Meridian Energy Therapies and Energy Psychology to a group of 40 therapists at a regional IGPP (International Guild of Professional Practitioners) group meeting in High Wycombe. Sandra spoke on Energy Psychology, stress, the Mind Body Connection and EFT. Over half of the attendees went on to sign up for workshops and courses- a fantastic result!

Sandra used colour slides and PIP Scan images to help with explanations before giving a demonstration of applying EFT to increase breathing capacity, with the group then going on to try exercises with other physical symptoms before moving on to emotional issues. As we have come to expect in the Energy Psychology community, in each exercise over 80% of the room gained significant improvement with only two rounds of tapping.

Sandra will now be working with John Critoph, groups coordinator for the IGPP, to schedule EFT talks to other IGPP group mettings around the country throughout next year. Sandra is also planning an article for the IGPP magazine which will feature an advert with a special members offer in their December 2004 issue.

The IGPP the UKโ€™s largest multidisciplinary Association for Professional Therapists and has 48 regional groups that hold regular meetings. The IGPP believes in High Standards and accepts into membership those with approved qualifications from UK and overseas awarding bodies, if you would like to find out more, please visit their website HERE

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