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Meridian Therapist Certification Trainings

The United Kingdom Guild of Energists has created a structure for Certification Trainings. There are four trainings scheduled for the UK in 2000 - Manchester, Brighton, Ireland and Devon. As a further opportunity, some licensed UK GoE trainers also conduct individual trainings. Please see www.meridiantherapies.org.uk - UK Trainings for further details.

Here are the first licensed practitioners of Meridian Therapies (and the only ones ever to have the date of 1999 on their certificates!):

Peter Goodliffe

Sue Uwins

P. Thiyagarajah

Paul Andrews

Peter Callaway

Peter Delves

Polly Cunningham

Carol Weston

Ananga Sivyer

Tom Bolton

Fran Bush

Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

Mary Llewellyn

Susan Courtney

Judy Richardson


UK GoE Directors

The following are serving currently in a capacity as UK GoE directors. All are happy to answer questions and to help you with any aspect relating to Meridian Therapies. Full details and practise details are available from their individual member's pages at our main website. There is also a nice snapshot of all of them taken at the recent Gatwick meeting!

http://www.meridiantherapies.org.uk/directors.htm Silvia Hartmann-Kent - East Sussex

Chrissie Hardisty - Manchester

Paul Lynch - East Sussex

Susan Courtney - Kent

Mair Llewellyn - South Yorkshire

Polly Cunningham - Hampshire

Ananga Sivyer - Kent

Tam Llewellyn-Edwards - South Yorkshire

Overseas Members

We have now a number of overseas members, ie practitioners of Meridian Therapies who do not practise or reside in the United Kingdom. This has occurred as a result of the truly international nature of the growth of interest in Meridian Therapies; because of the internet; and because in many countries, only a very few practitioners work in isolation and appreciate the benefits of becoming part of the thriving UK community. This wonderful medium of the Internet, with websites, newsgroups and specialised mailing lists has given us the opportunity to help practitioners in countries as diverse as Thailand, Poland and Pakistan to share in our experience and to generally be part of a growing supportive network of therapists, practitioners, trainers and researchers.

For details of membership, code of ethics, benefits and membership requirements please check the listings on www.meridiantherapies.org.uk

Therapist's Guides

The publishing department of the UK GoE has finished the first of a set of therapist's guides, this set concerns integrating EFT into an established professional practise. Topics covered are Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy, Energy Healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. These guides are available at low cost through a secure on line server from the main website. For retail discounts, please contact The GoE


Christmas Time - And Now We Can Really Celebrate!

Here are is a wonderful success story from last Christmas. Those of us who have learned the wonderful new energy therapies can truly look forward to having a great time, without fights, stress, tension or depression and misery. A happy Christmas and a great gift indeed!

A Christmas Miracle

Dennis was a grown man and nearly in tears. Christmas was proving to be once again everything he had feared - his mother-in-law and father-in-law continuously criticising, his wife exhausted and fluctuating between deep depression and anger tantrums, exhausted after a whole two weeks violent scrubbing, cleaning, re-decorating and planning, shopping, cooking and preparing. The kids were fed up, the fifth row of the day had just broken out, and it was still only Christmas Eve.

He had a 40 minute emergency telephone consultation and learned EFT and proxy EFT. At the end of the session, he was far more cheerful and even chuckled a number of times as what had disturbed him so greatly before now seemed "really silly". But further, he continued to use EFT following the session and this is what he wrote on January 2nd:

"We had a Christmas Miracle in our house - thanks to you and EFT. I don't know how it can be, and I'm not about to question it, but my wife and I managed to turn it around. After I had become more relaxed, I took her into our bedroom and showed her how to do it. We spent over an hour in there. She tapped on a lot of things to do with her mother and father. The big insight she got was that she was trying too hard to make everything perfect and the criticism of her parents was just destroying her. After the tapping, she was like a changed person, so much more happy and she actually let me and our oldest daughter do some of the work whilst she sat down to talk with her parents. There were still some moments but overall it was our best christmas since we have been together. On behalf of me and my wife, and on behalf of our children who for once had an experience that families are not all about screaming at each other and slamming doors, my deepest gratitude. Yours, Dennis Cooper."


On Anti Phobias & Tapping Away A Happy Feeling

What is an anti-phobia, you might wonder - is that not just a compulsion? Well, yes and no. Let's consider a phobia for a moment, because that's one of the most generally known and easiest to understand of strong emotional responses to an (often entirely harmless) stimulus.

For some reason (and the reason is usually a previous very traumatic experience) a person is "thrown back" into the same state they were in when the trauma was originally experienced. This reason is sometimes called a "trigger" and sometimes called a "stimulus", but all that means is that something reminds the person of the original incident.

This process can also happen for exceptionally happy memories, although interestingly, there isn't a generally recognised name for an "anti-trauma". These exceptionally happy experiences can also be recalled in the presence of a stimulus, and, just like the spider phobic person makes sure to avoid spiders, the anti-phobic person will do their best to get up close and personal with what makes them feel good because the process is the same, just reversed.

Many people are unaware that meridian therapies such as EFT can "release" the emotional charge from happy events and thus set the person free from having to be triggered into a particular behaviour every time a stimulus present itself.

Here's a case in point.

This lady had a particularly unusual preference for strawberry ice cream. For many years, she just thought she "liked" it very much, but when she became involved with meridian therapies, it occurred to her that her behaviour around strawberry ice cream was totally unlike her behaviour around other favourite foods, in so far as that she had a much stronger response to even seeing it in shops, that she "had to have it", no matter what, that she "had to" consume it in quantities much larger than other favourite foods, and other pointers of this nature. Clearly, she was "not at choice" as far as this particular food stuff was concerned. She came to wondering as to how and why that was, and tapped for it.

Right away, a memory came back to her of an incident where her father had taken her out for the day when she was young, and the first thing they did was to buy a strawberry ice cream. This had been the only time as far as she could recollect that she had ever felt "special" and "really close to her father" - and it got linked into the triggering mechanism of strawberry ice cream.

At first, she was very reluctant to apply tapping to this. After all, she felt she didn't want to lose what might have been the only happy memory of her entire childhood. Eventually though, she did choose to tap on this, and it revealed a whole host of deeply unhappy feelings lying just beyond the strawberry ice cream, of rejection, of loneliness and of feeling terribly unloved. The end result of the intervention turned out to be general release of a great many issues, and also - and this is particularly heartening - to a re-emergence of other positive memories that had previously been inaccessible to her.

And the strawberry ice cream? It still tasted good, but it was no longer required to prove to her that in spite of all the previous heartache, her father had, indeed, loved her or thought that she was special.


Still don't know how to tap?

Here's how you can learn how to be an active part of the meridian therapy revolution:

- Buy a copy of Adventures In EFT (details on www.meridiantherapies.org.uk)

- Be taught by a practitioner of meridian therapies (UK practitioners on our website, world wide referrals to a wide variety of meridian/energy therapies can be found at www.emofree.com ) either in person or over the telephone;

- Attend a training or an introductionary workshop or organise your own (contact a listed practitioner near your area);

- Buy the EFT Training Tape Set from www.emofree.com

Remember our slogan:



Do you suffer from TMJ?

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Symptoms are an interesting set of symptoms which can be related to habitual tightness in the muscles and tissues surrounding the jaw joint, as well as to structural damage of the joint. One related problem you might be familiar with is Bruxism (grinding of the teeth, especially at night); but there is a whole range of problems which can have their origin in TMJ. This is often not recognised, and if it is a case of habitual muscle tension, it is very approachable with meridian therapies; not only because they can aid in instant relaxantion, or because they can undo underlying traumatic causes for habitual muscle tension, but also because they can be applied and re-applied many times and until the habitual aspect of these problems has been overcome.

This is an excerpt from a website for the book

TMJ: Its Many Faces

Understanding Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Symptoms. by Wesley Shankland, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D. which is available through www.amazon.com and an interesting subject for meridian therapists, if only to offer a physical explanation of why it is that a number of symptoms can just dissappear when meridian therapies are applied. You might also like to try, following reading this article, to open your jaw and check on how freely you can move it about, then tap and test again. It might also be interesting to do this in front of a mirror to check if the movement of the jaw is horizontal, and if moving the jaw both left and right produces a similar feeling and range of movement.

The author recommends contacting a doctor who understands TMJ symptoms if physical or structural damage to the joint is suspected.

TMJ Symptoms:

Because many different symptoms of a temporomandibular joint (jaw joint) problem exist, discovering a proper diagnosis difficult. However, there are a few classic symptoms which involve the TM joints, ears, head, face and teeth.

TMJs. The most common symptom of TMJ is jaw joint clicking (popping, snapping) or locking. There may or may not be pain in the joint itself with the sound of a click or pop. Usually, the muscles that move the jaw while chewing are more tense than normal. This tenseness can and does cause muscle, facial, head and neck pain.

Locking of the TMJs may be noticed simply by a catching of the lower jaw as it opens. Sometimes, the person with a locked joint must move the jaw to one side or another in order to open wide. Or, a person might have to open until he hears and feels a loud pop, at which point the jaw actually unlocks. As with clicking, there may or may not be pain associated with locking.

Ears: Due to the close anatomical relationship of the TMJs and ears, an injury to the TMJ often causes ear symptoms. Some of the symptoms are pain, fullness or stuffiness, and even a loss of hearing. That's why many TMJ sufferers first go to their family doctor and then to an ear doctor for help. Usually, an examination of the ear is normal, even if there appears to be a loss of hearing.

Headache: Headache is one of the most common symptoms of a TMJ problem. Although any area of the head may be affected, usually the TMJ headache is located in the temples, and back of the head. Clenching and grinding of the teeth, both of which themselves may be TMJ symptoms, produce muscle pain which can cause headache pain. Also, a displaced disc in the TMJ may cause pain in the joint which is often referred into the temples, forehead or neck. These headaches are frequently so severe that they are confused and treated (with little success) for migraine headaches or abnormalities in the brain.

Face: Although we often attempt to hide our true feelings by wearing a disguise, it is virtually impossible to hide the private experience of pain. When we hurt, our faces show pain. Pain from the TMJ may be referred to the face even though the TMJ itself doesn't really hurt. Facial pain may be deep or on the surface in the skin. The skin might even become sensitive to the touch or air blowing over it. Often, a neurologist is first seen for this type of pain.

Teeth: A damaged TMJ may cause tooth pain because the occlusion (bite) is often changed. The teeth may become sensitive to temperatures, especially cold. The teeth may also become sensitive because of jaw activities such as clenching of the teeth or grinding of the teeth. Patients often see their dentist with the complaint of pain in the teeth and usually the doctor can find no cause. Frequently (and unfortunately), unnecessary root canals and even tooth extractions are performed in an attempt to help a suffering person. What's worse, after these invasive and non-reversible procedures, patients still have their pain, only now it has increased!

At this point, it might be helpful to examine a few questions that you can ask yourself, just to see if you may be one of those suffering from TMJ disorder. Remember, an accurate diagnosis can't be made based on answers to questions alone. However, positive answers may help indicate if you or someone you know should seek professional advice.

Do you have frequent headaches?

Do you hear popping, clicking or cracking sounds when you chew?

Do you hear a grating sound (like crumpling of newspaper) when you chew?

Do you have stuffiness, pressure or blockage in your ears?

Do you hear a ringing or buzzing sound in either or both of your ears?

Do you experience dizziness frequently?

Do your jaws feel like they "catch?"

Do your jaws feel tight, difficult to open?

Does it appear that you can't open your mouth as wide as you used to?

Does you tongue go between your teeth or do you bite on your tongue to separate your teeth?

Do your teeth ache?

Are your teeth sensitive, especially to cold temperatures?

Do you wake with sore facial muscles?

Do you clench or grind your teeth during movements of frustration or concentration?

Do you grind your teeth at night?

Do your ears hurt?

Does it hurt to move your jaw sideways?

Do your neck, back of your head, or shoulder hurt?

Have you been hit in the jaw?

Have you been put to sleep for surgery?

Have you had a whiplash injury?

Have you seen a neurologist, psychologist or psychiatrist for unexplained head or neck pain?

Do your jaws ache after eating?

Are you under a lot of stress?


EFT and Weight Loss

Here are a couple of success stories about using EFT for weight loss. Just as well what with the turkeys coming out in force!

Dear Silvia, I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how things are going. I am not eating chocolate apart form the little on my cappachino! I have actually had some in my lunch box every day but I just can not be bothered to eat it! I was still eating a little to much, but on Monday night just before going to sleep I decided to tap for even though I over it etc, etc well on Tuesday I couldn't believe it I went through to lunch with out tucking in to my lunch box and felt fuller much quicker! ( I do hope that will last!) That has also been the case today! I will let you know how it goes. So tanks very much for you time I still can not believe that this simple thing works so well! (name witheld)

And here's a Case Story supplied by Ananga Sivyer:

Victoria had been "on and off" diets for years never really being able to continue for more than a couple of weeks. After working with EFT she decided that she would like to try again and felt very serious and committed to losing some weight. She began a healthy low-fat regime and was happy to find that it was easy for her to follow her chosen programme. She used EFT regularly for herself to help her resolve.

After five weeks she had lost 16 pounds and was delighted with the results but then completely out of the blue she felt that she couldn't go on. She was very upset about this and arranged for an EFT consultation. During that consultation a reversal was detected on the issue that Victoria was afraid of failure and was consequently already willing to give up now.

Various issues were discussed and muscle testing was used to ascertain the most suitable approach. A correction was made for a deep level reversal with Victoria making the statement:

"Even if I never lose this weight I deeply and completely accept myself." At the end of the EFT round Victoria burst into tears of relief and said "I don't believe I can't do it anymore - the doubt has totally gone."


Well, have a wonderful Christmas all, a super start to the new millenium and isn't is nice to know that this time, we can make the resolutions stick!

With best wishes on behalf of the UK AMT

Silvia Hartmann-Kent


All Material Copyright GoE UK December 1999.

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