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Every Day Tapping

It's amazing when one hears and observes wonderful changes in people's health and emotional wellbeing, how painful memories of 50 years are simply laid to rest, and huge and marvellous shifts are taking place.

But for me, the true miracle of my meridian therapy of choice, namely EFT, is the little things.

On Friday, I finally had my new patio doors fitted. On Sunday morning, I smashed them accidentally when I dropped a heavy screwdriver which bounced point first and shattered the glass into a million pieces. I was about to start berating myself for my stupidity when I sat on a chair and tapped instead. And so, I just cleaned it all up and ordered the replacement glass.

In the past, this would have spoiled the entire day and may have even led into a full blown feeling of depression and unhappiness. Now, it's ok.

There are so many things that used to upset me and that are now ok, too. Like a condescending bank manager, getting stuck in traffic, getting nervous before appearing in public, being afraid to go to the dentist, losing my temper with my children, looking into the mirror in the morning and deciding I'm ugly, headaches, worries and indecisions.

All these little annoyances day in, day out. Each one a little grain of sand in my shoe, altogether a big rock that made walking through life so tiring and difficult.

Now, they're going. One by one. And in a funny way, that's contributing more to my daily happiness, serenity and peace of mind than the big shifts I thought would make me happy.

Good tapping/tabbing/tat-ing etc to you all!

Silvia Hartmann CABH MSNLP

Director, GoE UK


Telephone Consultations

Many meridian therapies, such as EFT and TAB, can be very successfully conducted over the telephone. This is a real boon for those who can't travel, are bedridden, or who are too far away from a good therapist.

Like any session, the first thing is for the telephone client to learn the points and how to tap/tab/manipulate them. Some therapists send out material before the actual session such as a large chart with the points clearly marked, to cut down on explanations and time and for the client to refer to as the process unfolds. For EFT, it can be helpful for the therapist to tap on the telephone and have the client do the same to judge how fast to tap, and with how much strength. Some clients "hit" themselves too hard, and others don't put enough energy into the process, so this is a good way to adjust the strength of their tapping when you can't see them.

The second part, where the problem is discussed and the therapist listens carefully for tell tale statements that will later be used for starting affirmations and to tap on, is not so different from a face-to-face session. For someone who hasn't done so consciously before, it is amazing how much you can tell through someone's breathing patterns and changes in their tone of voice about their state of mind. Any therapist who does telephone consultations on a regular basis will know how much it sharpens one's perception of these things, and how, in some cases, these indicators are far more immediate and accurate than visually noticeable changes can be.

The third part is to start the process and to guide the client through it. Deep sighs, the onset or cessation of weeping, yawns all tell when an energy shift is taking place. This can take a while, and it's important not to hurry through this. Some long standing problems do have many aspects.

The last step is to test for the change. This is either done using something like the VOC scale or SUDS levels - the client is asked to rate their own internal changes; but with the advent of mobile phones, real tests for things such as spider phobias can be done by the client walking into a pet shop with the therapist a thousand miles away on stand by - just in case there was an aspect that was overlooked!

Testing is absolutely essential. Not only does a good test tell the therapist when the work has been successfully completed, it also ratifies the change to the client's conscious mind - the energy therapies can work so rapidly, that a problem can be completely healed yet the client had the problem for so long, they can't believe it has really gone away! In cases where real life tests are impossible, the therapist ususally does their best to encourage the client to get the old symptoms back. If they do come back, it simply means that an aspect has been overlooked or some more work needs to be done in order to really make the change "stick" in all ways, under all circumstances.

Some therapists like to do a back up interview about a week to ten days later. They like this because they like being told how wonderfully it had worked, and that always makes the therapist's day! However, in some cases it can be helpful if "an aspect got away" or if the client has any questions, or would like to discuss discoveries they have made whilst using the process in the interim.

To find a telephone therapist in your country, contact The Amt (Find A Practitioner) and we will gladly put you in touch.

Explaining Terms:


Some problems, may have been caused by a single event and have just one aspect to them. When this one aspect is dealt with, the problem disappears for good.

As with everything else in life, this is at one end of the scale. At the other end, there are problems which have many aspects to them, such as low self esteem, for example. This is generally not caused by a single event, but many events have fed over the past into a large pool where the problem lies which has gotten bigger as time went on.

Problems like that might require many repeated applications of an energy therapy to fully resolve it on all levels; still even the worst problems can be tackled in this way and with every aspect that is dealt with, the symptoms become less intense and troublesome.

In between the single - and multiple aspects, there lies the most often encountered scenario of a problem having a few aspects. In a spider phobia, for example, it is quite common that a spider sitting still ceases to be a problem, but if it moves, the fear response returns. This is so because a moving and a still spider represent two very distinct aspects of the problem, and the "entire" spider phobia will be resolved when both have been addressed.

If there's a problem that keeps coming back and it's not due to energy reversal, it's possible that there are undiscovered aspects at work. An easy way to unearth them is to simply do a round starting with the opening affirmation of "Even though I don't know what other aspects there are to this problem ...." and to take note of any physical sensations or ideas that come to light.

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A Single Voice

Many thanks for your letter you sent sometime ago now, I am pleased to report that my Migraines have stopped! I wanted to leave sometime before writing to you just in case I got the dreaded headache - but no, and I have given it every chance to manifest, on a few occasions I must admit! At first I just got the symptoms ie. aching eyes disorientation etc. but no pain or vomiting which means one can carry on with a normal day and use the tapping technique which worked.

It takes a while to realise how much these Migraine attacks rule your life and what you do unconsciously to avoid situations which may bring one on, and on the other hand to realise that it would be no longer necessary to do so now - What freedom! so I can't thank you enough for giving me a normal existence with the E.F.T, I have no idea how it works but I can tell you it does so keep up the good work. I have been spreading the word when I can, so I hope some people have been to see you, there are one or two others who I'm waiting to get in touch with as well as I know it would help them to.

Keep up the good work!


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