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GoE UK September 1999

AMT UK September 1999 AMT Seminar Announcement Animal Experimentation & Proxy (Surrogate) EFT The Apex Problem Adventures In EFT Freebies!

Seminar Announcement

From Chrissie Hardisty - Director, AMT:

There has been a slight change to our forthcoming Workshop - Healing for the New Millenium - to be held at Gatwick on 6/7th November next. Unfortunately, Stephanie Rothman is not able to leave the US for a few months due to personal circumstances but we are very lucky to have Silvia who has agreed to step into the breech. Silvia is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Practitioner of Meridian Therapies, Director and Founder Member of the Association for Meridian Therapies UK, Moderator of the Meridian Therapy Newsgroup and author. Her most recent book "Adventures in EFT" has been hailed as a masterful work by the originator of EFT, Gary Craig. He says, "You and I should send Silvia Hartmann-Kent a basket filled with gratitude for bringing EFT to life on these pages. Using her engaging writing style, she describes this remarkable healing technique in compelling terms for both everyday citizens and those in the healing professions. She uses her own slant, of course, and blends her extensive knowledge of other fields with EFT to bring you a book that is artful, entertaining and practical. Silvia's masterful work is your opportunity to learn about it". The programme will be as follows:-

Saturday, November 6th

9.00 - 10.00 - Booking In & Welcome

10.00 - 11.30 - Welcome To EFT!

A Brief History/The Basic Technique/Demonstration/Exercises/Q&A

11.30 - 11.45 Mid Morning Break

11.45 - 13.15 - EFT-Your Personal Best Friend

Releasing Negative Emotions/Fears & Phobias/Exercises/Q&A

13.15 - 14.30 Lunch Break

14.30 - 15.30 - Basic EFT Applications

Cravings & Addictions/Compulsions/Desires/Internal Conflicts

15.30 - 15.45 - Afternoon Break

15.45 - 17.00 - Health & Healing

Physical Discomfort/Mind&Body Healing/Chronic Problems/Pain Control

19.00 onwards GoE Meeting of Directors & Course Dinner

Sunday, November 7th

10.00 - 11.30 - EFT With Clients

Basic Strategies/Safeguards/Whole Life Healing/Exercises

11.30 - 11.45 - Mid Morning Break

12.00 - 13.30 - EFT As A Therapy

Dealing With Trauma/Memories/Investigating With EFT/Long Term Strategies

13.30 - 14.30 Lunch Break

14.30 - 15.30 Combining EFT With Other Therapies

EFT & Hypnosis, NLP, Reiki etc/Demonstrations/Cross Modality Exercises

15.30 - 15.45 Coffee Break

15.45 - 16.30 EFT & The Therapist

Expanding With EFT/Integrating EFT Into Your Practice/Practical Considerations

16.30 - 17.00 Last Questions & Final Answers

17.00 - 17.15 Attendance Certificates & Farewell

For each topic, the material will be presented to you by a mixture of practical exercises, lectures and demonstrations. Therewill be time for individual questions throughout the course, and the presenters will be available for personal discussion during the breaks.

"Don't Miss Out On An Extraordinary Weekend - See You There!"

Animal Experimentation & Proxy (Surrogate) EFT

Well, we may all shudder at the thought of creatures put through torture in laboratory cages, but here we have animal experimentation in progress that does not only benefit the animals in question most tremendously, but also benefits the one who's doing it and may well have tremendous benefits for human beings too - a first in history?

About a month ago, the Energy Therapies For Companion Animals list was launched by Silvia Hartmann Kent (AMT director), Hilary Jupp (Reiki Master), Joyce Stranger (Best Selling Author On Companion Animals) and Catherine O'Driscoll (Chairman of Canine Health Concern). It has now 40 active members who have been using various different forms of proxy tapping and direct tapping on a variety of animals, including wild animals and strays which did not have any personal connection with the person who was tapping.

In Experiment 1, we used proxy tapping, using the following set up statement:

Even though (insert recipient's name) (insert direct statement of problem), I deeply and profoundly love and accept (insert recipient's name).

For example, "Even though Kim has arthritis in her left hip, I deeply and profoundly love and accept Kim".

Even if you have no interest in animals, I would urge you to read these examples from the ETcompanions list. There are extremely important lessons to be learned as to how we may alleviate human suffering, too.


I think that there is really something to be said for the Proxy tapping for our pets. We still haven't overcome the biting completely, but it sure has arrested it a great deal (she is losing her baby teeth, now, so I'm sure that is part of why she "needs" to chew so much), but the intensity of how hard she is biting and how often, has decreased so much. She doesn't have to bite everytime you touch her.

Thanks for suggesting the experiment


Comment: I was just thinking, a friend of mine works in a place where they look after adults with "severe learning disabilities" (who the hell thinks up those bizarre terms). These people are non-verbal and have more behaviour problems per head than you have ever known (I suspect that at least half of them have been acquired by being pushed around from facility to facility and from carer to carer their entire lives).

I often wondered if there was anything at all that could make their lives more bearable, and reading your mail about the biting is making me wonder ...


As with tapping directly on myself or on another person, I see that focus and intention play a major role in the results I see. In addition to applying the technique to a cat's wounded paw and a dog's skin problem, I tried it yesterday when neighborhood dogs were howling as a fire engine went past with sirens screaming. The howling stopped immediately! I suspect that the results may even be easier to obtain with animals than humans as our animal companions don't have the skepticism to which humans can be prone. And, as with humans, I am finding that I need to be sure my own doubts and fears are cleared when working on behalf of my animal friends.

Hugs, Lyn Allen (Staczek)

Comment: re- the howling That was cool and made me laugh - I used that on the same problem, but this time it was my kid rolling around in the hallway and howling because I refused to go out and get a video at 9.30pm. Upon a spot of proxy tapping, my howling also stopped :-)


Well I am a Bone-fide believer in Tapping now. Last night I tapped for Cordy's barking, just once since he and the crows were going for it in the back yard. He soon came in but it didn't stop immediately. But Today, Holy Cow, we had some furniture delivered and Not Only did he never make a sound at the strange men coming in and out of our house, carrying in new stuff and taking away the old, but he TOTALLY Ignored them, I mean TOTALLY. When they came to the door, Huge truck in front of the house Cordy just wandered out in to the backyard and chewed on a bone and waited for me to come and play. They were here for about an hour and he Never made One sound. Amazing, Miraculous and I am So appreciative of finding this new tool that I can't even put it in to words.

Wags- Juls

Comment: Holy cow indeed! I'm glad you're getting what a magical thing this is. this is way above and beyond the capabilities of anything else I've ever tried. And, as Gary Craig says, we're only on the ground floor of a healing hi rise here.


I have had great success with the proxy tapping so far. I have a hound that is no longer a miserable wreck that we can't get in to the house at night but a happy, playful dog who is confident enough to take things in his stride and has now been trimmed and brushed. Hilary Jupp


Hi Hilary, it's interesting how the people applications flash into my mind as I read the stories that are being sent in. Does anyone think that people who foster re-homed children might find this sort information useful :-)?


Hi, Well apart from helping me, I have managed to help a couple of dogs. One was a shaking wreck, couldn't be walked, taken out etc., I did some tapping for her and she's perfectly okay now. Not 100% but not bad for a first effort. Tessa's pacing eases up as soon as I tap for her now as per our experiment, so I can see so much ahead of me helping all the animals I work with. I am so thrilled that I found out about EFT, it's made so many changes in my life in a short time I can only say 'thank you' to Silvia for starting me on the road to.......................well, let's say, endless possibilities. Love to all. Sam

Hi Sam, and thanks for your great contribution :-) and so here is my human application of the day - you helped a dog that was a nervous wreck and pacing all the time. I wonder if the people who have their kids on Ritalin or are thinking about it would be interested in hearing about your accomplishments?

Or, for that matter, other dog owners with the same problem? When I saw behaviour clients, hyperactivity was by far and away the highest presenting problem group.


Update on the Wombat

For "The Experiment" I planned to surrogate tap on the Wombat who was coming in from the bush at night and digging up the vegetable garden. My plan was disrupted when I managed to have a close look at him and discovered he was so diseased that the kindest thing seemed to be to shoot him. This possibility upset my "intentions" so there the matter rested. List members made suggestions ranging from ways to fix the Wombat to ways of fixing me. All this psychic and digital noise must have got through to Wombat as there has been no sign of him for three days now. No Silvia, I don't think we can include this as a success story.

Comment First of all, I'm not sure that I would find this list interesting if everyone just managed everything and made pigs fly as a matter of course (must tap on that I guess).

I'm extremely intrigued by the wombat story and it has me wondering about a number of things. I really do believe we can learn a lot from incidents where things didn't quite go as expected; I've always been fascinated by the 15% of statistics that didn't fit in.

Now, how diseased was so diseased that you were thinking of giving him a free ticket for the journey home? Is it possible he died in the interim?

Also, how do we know that whatever tapping you did, did not help him in some way? did not get through even a little bit? alleviate his suffering even just a few percentage points?

If he has not died, could not his absence have something to do with your presence?

And, I have had a lot of thoughts about one's own state of mind whilst reading your mails on the subject; surely this is a profoundly important area to look into, how it affects the proxy tapping, and what kinds of strategies are best to enter a state of mind where we get the maximum results. Thing is, we don't know as yet if a freaked out state of mind is not in fact more powerful than a calm one; we may guess that this is so based on other fields such as violin playing, but until we test the assumption, we can't really know.

So I thank you for trying it and also reporting back fairly on what happened. I'm not looking for success stories, I'm here to find out more about this amazing thing.

David Continues:

There is however a success to report with the old grey mare.

Jemma hates windy days and today has been really wild. As we were letting the two horses out of their stalls for their daily run Jemma was so skittish Yvonne and I decided we would not be able to put her rug on. Yvonne went back to the house and was surprised to see the horses go past her in the paddock below the house both with rugs on. In a matter of minutes after she left I had managed to calm Jemma completely with two rounds of surrogate tapping standing beside her but not touching her.

I started with the following set up, rubbing my sore spot and saying aloud "Even tho Jemma is upset by the wind I accept her and myself fully and completely". I repeated this three times. Then followed one round of tapping on the seven points Eb to UA using the reminder phrase "Upset by wind" at each point followed by a second round saying "Calm in the wind". She stopped prancing the moment I started rubbing my sore spot and just became quieter and quieter as I finished the set up and went through the first round of tapping. The second round was not planned ahead - the words just came to me as a comment on the way she had changed. She stood quietly as I put the rug on then walked quietly off in the howling wind until her mate raced by in a normal "horses in the wind fashion". At that point she became her old self but at least the rug was on.

Comment: That is a wonderful success, and boy wouldn't other horse people like to hear about that, especially those who compete with horses or even have commercial interests at stake.


Hi All

Thought I'd give you an update on tapping for Sophie's arthritis. I think I told you all about me tapping on her incredibly swollen and deformed arthritic paw, and it going down in front of my eyes. Well it was swollen again yesterday and my sister and husband were watching as I tapped (I was nervous in case it didn't work - didn't want them to lose faith in EFT). anyway, I tapped, and again the swelling went down. Everyone saw it. I am amazed.



Hi all, Several years ago (maybe 10) I thought it would be very nice to have an aquarium. For the first year I went through (that means...they died) many fish.

At some point the tank seemed to stabilize and fish began to live and breed. I ended up with lots of Cichlids, several generations of them. They were very interesting breeders and very easy to care for. Well, after a power outage (the pump was off for 8 hours) all but three died. Last year we lost the male, still have the female. She is very old and lives in a tank alone.

Today, when my partner was cleaning the tank the fish was very upset, trashing around in the tank, barbs out. We didn't want to upset her, but the tank needed cleaning, and she had to be put briefly in a bucket. So, she tried EFT on a fish. It worked! ON A FISH! She settled down immediately (the fish).

The fish is about as big as your hand, and it hides behind a rock when anyone approaches the tank. We do not like to net her for the process, and can sometimes just scoop her up quickly with two hands and plop her in a bucket. Today, after the EFT (barely touched her with one finger during the treatment), she put her barbs down and moved into the palm of my partners hand. Allowing her to pick her up and put her in the bucket.

The tapping was for "being afraid of people", "leaving the tank", "being out of water"...it was very calm after the first "even tho, ..."


ETcompanions@egroups.com - Energy Therapies For Animals

The Apex Problem - (or - This is driving me crazy!)

There is an interesting effect occuring in people's neurology - and that is, that once a previous problem that haunted someone's every waking hour has been thoroughly resolved, it holds no further interest, commands no further attention, and the person in question may even forget that they ever had the problem in the first place.

This is a well known phenomena to hypnosis practitioners, and it's something every Meridian Therapy practitioner will soon become familiar with.

A client comes in with a problem. They spend half an hour telling you how much they suffer, how they have tried everything to overcome it, and how it has destroyed the quality of their lives for the past umpteen years.

You apply any one of the meridian therapies to the problem, and it is no longer there.

At this point, the client says, "Well, it wasn't so bad anyway, I guess, and ... (now insert any of these:)

- it would have gone away by itself eventually;

- it went away because (I sneezed; the therapy I engaged in 4 years ago; you made me laugh; I took a painkiller before I came here; you hypnotised me etc etc)

- although the problem is gone right now, I'm convinced it will soon be back.

This has a very demoralising effect on the practitioner, who seeks to share their excitement of the process, and who is applying the techniques with a view to making transformational changes in a person's life, and to help them be happier.

It also makes it difficult to motivate the client to continue using the meridian therapies for their many other problems; and this is probably the most depressing aspect of the Apex problem by far.

Here's what Ian Graham, Director of the Thought Field Therapy Association, has to say on this vexed problem (re-posted with permission from meridiantherapy@egroups.com ):

As the apex problem seems to be a compulsive tendency to explain something which, at the time, is beyond the peak of a person's ability to understand, it is always difficult to deal with.

It is almost certainly a left-brain thing as similar observations were made by Michael Gazzagina ("The Social Brain", Basic Books, 1985) in experiments on split brain subjects (a treatment for severe epilepsy - the link between right and left hemispheres is severed). He discovered that the language aspect of the left-brain will invent or create explanations for phenomena it observes (visually or aurally) that are introduced to the non-verbal right-brain (by left hand touch) and therefore not known to the left. It was found that the explanation spoken by the subject had no factual basis and was irrelevant invention. However, it was compulsively given and believed by the subject.

As we know, the speed and efficacy of MPT is very confusing for some so this compulsive tendency emerges. I feel this is reflected in other rapid challenges to the emotions such as trauma - a number of those I have treated in the past had created explanations to explain why it happened to them, often centring on a compulsion to say "it was my fault" when all the evidence says it wasn't - they just don't believe it.

Anyway, here's stuff that I have found to be helpful:

Always take a SUD score at the start and write it down so the client can see it - or better still, get them to write it down. This avoids the "well I didn't feel to bad, anyway" problem as you can show them their start score after treatment. However, some will even compulsively explain this away!

Emphasise the time frame for the SUD - "How do you feel NOW - not how it has been or how you think it will be, but right now as you're talking to me". This limits the argument that the patient "doesn't feel bad until they are in the situation".

Explain the possibility and nature of the apex problem to the patient before treatment. As the apex problem is compulsive this explanation is easily "forgotten" of course.

Tape / video record the session and give the client a copy.

Or simply forget it and tap yourself to accept that it happens and there isn't anything you can do about it! As with other revolutionary treatments (e.g. anaesthesia a hundred years ago) the public will eventually become familiar with the nature of the treatments and the apex problem should disappear.

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I've been doing these procedures since 1991 on behalf of hundreds of people. Through my videotape series and seminars I have trained thousands of EFT practitioners throughout the world (including Silvia) who are performing these miracles daily. However, we haven't reached perfection yet and we don't get 100% results. Nonetheless, EFT works remarkably well most of the time and is creating profound effects around the globe.

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Gary Craig

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