The Energy of INVITATION!!!

The Energy of INVITATION!!! In this article GoE Memberย Martina Konecna writes about how she recentlyย experienced a magical and thrilling moment while walking with their dog in the autumn nature. She expresses how when she focused onย feeling the Energy behind the word INVITATION and used it to invite the Positives into their life, it became very powerful but soft at the same time.ย 

Dear Silvia & Friends,

This morning while walking with my dog, I experienced something so magical and so thrilling, and Iยดd like to share with you. This is a story about the Energy of INVITATION ๐Ÿ™‚

I was walking with my dog through the beautiful autumn nature and I said out aloud to myself the Positives that came into my mind. Then I listened with all my senses to my energy body - what was happening there. (Recently I am learning to express everything out loud. For many years I just kept many things in the recesses of my mind.)

Suddenly, I felt like I should start inviting the Positives into my life:

"Stability, I INVITE YOU INTO MY LIFE." Even with the first positive, a beautiful and strong response has come, so I continued:
"Joy, I invite you into my life."
"Love, I invite you into my life."
"Divine Inspiration, I invite you into my life."

Wow! It was simply amazing! After a few rounds with my dear Positives I literally sparkled.

When you can feel the Energy behind the word INVITATION and when you work then with that and invite the Positives into your life, this is so powerful and so soft at the same time. I could feel these positive energies gently coming in, they connected so nicely and softly with me and flowed into my life. It was soft, gentle and surprising and I could observe it and feel it.

I also expanded energetically in all directions and suddenly I was more incarnated in this body, in this incarnation. (More of my Star Matrix came down to me into my body.) And most beautifully โ€“ my heart has been physically warming. "Thank God! I haven't experienced that for a longer time!

I couldn't assume the heart position because I had my dog with me, but I will certainly try this at home and involve my body in this process. The combination of Energy Heart and inviting hands, an invitation gesture opening arms to wonderful empowering Positives.

And all this happened to me after I started going through Silvia's GoE Positive Energy course for the second time - two days ago. Thank you Silvia Hartmann so much!

You can try it too. Invite your most beautiful and empowering Positives which enrich and brighten your life NOW and every time and every where you remember.

What will you invite into your life today?
What I miss just now?
What I want more in my life?
What I want more now?
What I could invite today?

Start to write your own stories with Energy of Invitation in your precious lives. And share please, if you like this and have tried this.

With Loveย 

Martina Konecna


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Martina Konecna
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Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Modern Stress Management Professional in Brno, Czech Republic.

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The Energist - Vol 2017.4.1 - The Best Year Ever!

Posted Feb 1, 2017
Spring 2017 edition of The Energist magazine.
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