An Unexpected Outcome - Positive EFT Case Story

An Unexpected Outcome - Positive EFT Case Story

In this Positive EFT case story, GoE Trainer Marion Hind uses the positive tapping technique to help a boy who is having problems settling in at a new school. 

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I became acquainted with 11-year-old David’s mother through my job as a medical secretary. We had struck up an email conversation and became friends on Facebook.

Looking at her profile page I noticed that one of the pages that she had 'liked' was Nick Ortner’s “The Tapping Solution.” Of course, this opened another topic of conversation and she told me that she had tapped in the past for her chronic illness and although she had found it beneficial, she had not kept it up.

During our conversations she told me that her son David, was going up to a local private secondary school in September and how much he was looking forward to it. However, during November she told me that although he was doing very well academically, he was finding it difficult to settle and even more difficult to make any friends.

David was the only boy from his primary school that had moved to this school and his classmates had all been friends at a previous school, so he was feeling very much like the outsider of the group. One boy in particular had been quite cruel towards him, telling him he was stupid and calling him all sorts of names. To add to his discomfort, David had the stress of doing exams during November which would determine which classes he would go for in English, Maths and French.

I asked his mother if she had considered using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for David as it could help with exam stress. I also suggested to use Silvia Hartmann's Positive EFT for helping to make friends. I said that I would be happy to see him if he would like to give it a try.

I met David with his mother and grandfather the following week, he is an only child and has a very close relationship with his grandparents who live nearby. We began by talking a little about school and making friends, and when I asked him how he would like to feel he thought for a few moments and replied, “Hopeful.” I was slightly surprised at this as I thought it a somewhat mature comment for a boy of his age.

He happened to notice a SUE Scale on my desk and asked what it was for. I explained how it worked and asked him where he thought he was on the scale. He thought about it for a moment and said he thought he was currently at -4 on the SUE Scale.

My plan was to do three rounds of tapping to de-stress him and rather than use the word “stress” as we tapped, I remembered from GoE Trainer Ray Manning’s presentation at the GoE Energy Conference a few weeks previously how effective “Relax, release, let go” had been in de-stressing a client (thank you Ray!). We used this for the first round and he told me he had moved from -4 to -1.

For the second and third rounds we added in some of David’s own words around friendship and feeling hopeful about his academic future and he moved up to +2. On the third round we added some positive statements and he moved up to +5. We then tapped a couple of rounds for a happy outcome to his exams using Positive EFT. He was happy to leave it there and I gave his mother a copy of the Positive EFT book so they could carry on tapping at home if he wished.

As they were about to leave his mother told me that David was unhappy when he arrived home from school on daily basis and that his mood deteriorated though the evening and he had difficulty sleeping. In the morning he was unhappy about going to school in anticipation of what the day ahead could bring. I suggested he might like to try tapping at bedtime as I believed it would help him sleep better.

The next day I received an email from his mother to say that he had had a meltdown that evening, but they had later tapped together when he went to bed and he fell asleep immediately. I was pleased to hear this as I believe his meltdown was in fact, a massive energy release.

About a week later I received another email from David’s mother to say that he had suddenly become popular at school and during the course of one evening he had received text messages from not one, not two, but FOUR GIRLS for two solid hours! I had not seen that coming! It appears that one particular girl seems to have taken a liking to him, but I was also pleased to hear that he is also making friends with more boys as well.

I met with David’s mother recently to see how he is getting on. She tells me that on the plus side he now has friends, which is a great improvement, and that he is sleeping much better. He did get into a small fight with his nemesis from school, but it appears that all was forgiven by the next day and that they are now friends. It also turns out He did very well in his exams, but apparently not good enough for his “perfectionist standards”, although he was pleased that he was joint top-of-his-year in French.

David is, however, still very stressed about school. He can be incredibly happy at times but he can still be sombre and full of despair. He taps occasionally but refuses to tap if he is particularly upset.

His mother is obviously worried about him, but I am confident that EFT could still continue to help him tremendously. He appears to be mature in his language and possesses a great amount of intelligence, but at times during our conversation he came across as being quite arrogant, loud and easily distracted.

On the other hand he is an only child on the cusp between childhood and maturity, who has left behind the security of his old friends at a state-run school, and been thrust into a new life among strangers in a totally new and alien environment at a prep school. It should come as no surprise then that his emotions are running away with him and he likely feels out of control.

I am hoping that David will allow me to work with him and spend more time with him in the future so that he can continue to enjoy what should be the best days of his life.


Marion Hind is the owner of Progress Coaching and Personal Development based in Raunds, Northamptonshire, England. As well as being an experienced GoE Trainer, she is also an NLP Master Practitioner. To contact Marion and for more information about her business, head to her website:

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