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Ananga Sivyer On EMO

Emotrance is adding new dimensions here that have sent my head spinning.

I was feeling things I thought belonged to the realms of others - healers, psychics, mystics ...

Imagine for a moment the ramifications of being able to process anything that comes your way as energy in a state of flow.

Can you consider from here and now the healing possibilities?

The health catastrophes of the future that simply needn’t be?

The relationships allowed to flourish unimpeded. Addictions soothed. Compliments assimilated into our systems with relish? All of these and more are possible with EMO…

Having worked with Dr Hartmann for some years now watching, discussing and, most significantly, playing with her patterns and contributions to the field of Energy Psychology it came as no big surprise to me when she launched Emotrance - her own healing modality.

Neither was I surprised to discover it's simplicity and ease of use - we had long since agreed during late night calls that "we were for the people!" and did not hold with making things complicated - our desire was that our chosen tools should be easy and accessible above all else. And, of course, effective - preferably magically so!

Take, for example, Silvia's "Guiding Stars*" pattern.

For years the Guiding Stars phenomena had gone unnamed, possibly even unnoticed, yet once you've read it it makes such jaw dropingly obvious sense that you can hardly believe you worked without it. Yet we did - for years.

And therein lies Silvia's magic in action - pointing out and providing patterns for working with those obvious things that had previously completely passed us by!

My personal experience…

It took a little while for me to get going with Emotrance. Although my very first tryout over the phone with Silvia has had far reaching repercussions in my life of the most positive and exciting kind, I wasn't consciously aware of them at first.

Now things are very different.

By the end of day one on the training I was feeling things I thought I never could, by the end of day two I was feeling things I thought belonged to the realms of others - healers, psychics, mystics, and by the closing of day three... well, to be frank, I'm still processing here.

We have a motto at Chandra - something along the lines of "it's what you feel that counts" i.e.  someone may tell you you're great and they may really truly mean it - but how do you feel about that? Does it make you feel great? Or does it make you like that person more rather than focusing on the fact that the statement was actually about you? Think they're kind? Wrong? Crawling? Or do you shudder? Feel sad? Sick? Heavy? False? Or a million other negative possibilities.

EFT has been our tool for years for faithfully dealing with "inner truths" and responses to the good, the bad and the ugly.  And it really works - for sure it does and we will continue to use it and teach it congruently and with enthusiasm for these and many other things.

But Emotrance is adding new dimensions here that have sent my head spinning. I can barely imagine what we will be doing with this technique in 6 months what to speak of 6 years time.

The kinaesthetic nature of EMO is fascinating to me.

The way that it literally puts you "in touch" with what's going on I find most revealing and exciting.

Of course I've been aware of the obvious physical sensations in my body in response to various situations in my life but this is very different. It's one of those things you really need to experience for yourself to know what I’m talking about here and I would wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.

I am honoured to be among the first 30 Licensed Practitioners and Trainers of Emotrance and would welcome your enquiries about personal sessions, experiential workshops or Practitioner Training.

With best wishes

Ananga Sivyer LT-AMT MA NLP

Licensed EMO Trainer

Chandra Personal Development Services

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Ananga Sivyer
Information about Ananga Sivyer
Ananga Sivyer
EMO Advanced Practitioner in West Kingsdown, Kent, England.

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Elory's Joy Audio Recording 2005

Posted Jan 23, 2017
A rare audio recording of Silvia Hartmann telling the story "Elory's Joy" with a sound track by Ananaga Sivyer.
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