Anger Management, Meridians, EFT, Apex Effect

This is a fascinating two part article, consisting of a personal experience with Anger Management and EFT by Silvia Hartmann and a supporting article with further explanations and case histories on anger, anger management and the main body meridians by Ananga Sivyer.

Anger Management, EFT, Meridians and The Apex Effect

by Silvia Hartmann

I had a very strange experience this morning.

I was just chatting to a friend, when she started to say something. I could hear her talking but I didn't know at all what she was talking about, it made no sense and I felt strange, displaced and a little uncomfortable.

I thought, well, I'll just wait until the end of her explanation, I'm sure I can pick up something there to know what she is saying but just then, she did conclude whatever it was and asked, "Do you know what I mean?"

There was no point in pretending, so very honestly, I said, "I have no idea. Not a clue. I didn't understand any of that at all. I'm completely lost. What ARE you on about?"

We both laughed then because I don't think in 6 years of daily conversations that had EVER happened before, not as far as I remember, anyway!

So we started again. She asked some questions and slowly, it was as though some thing came back, first quite nebulously and then more strongly, it became apparent that she was referring to a sequence of very important events which had happened the day before, but I had completely forgotten about.

Well, let us be a little more precise. I hadn't just forgotten them, I had completely APEXED these events, and that seems to be a very different matter altogether.

I must confess to being a little shocked and then I got paranoid. The events she had been referring to were so totally gone from my conscious memory, it was highly unusual to say the least. It really was for that time up until she mentioned it as though they had never taken place at all, they were simply not there at all. There seemed to be no connection to anything else, as though all of that had been taken out of my hard drive altogether and stored somewhere else.

The only reason Nicola referred to it was because I had considered what had happened as so important, I called her the night before and told her all about it.

As far as I know, and that is the paranoia part, this is the first time I've actually after all these years of EFT have really experienced full on and personally the power of the apex effect.

When I used to do EFT regularly with clients, it happened sometimes, very rarely, but the three occasions where it really did happen and I found out about it where literally spooky. I really did not quite credit or understand just how the apex affect actually feels, what that really is and how unusual a form of memory re-storage to some very far away place it represents.

Still now, when I think of the events Nicola had been referring to, they seem a million miles away, as though that was something that happened years and years ago, or in a past life. So I thought, I'll write an article about the whole thing, see if that will help me remember the details of what happened ONLY YESTERDAY EVENING, less than 24 hours ago.

Anger Management & Meridian Treatments

As far as I remember, I've always had what would be described as a pretty violent temper.

I was given to major tantrums as a child and even as an adult, could really "lose it" completely over the smallest thing, and to a frightening extent.

To be fair, I've lived my life being terrified of my own temper and any circumstances that could cause me to "let rip", and all those who in spite of that chose to hang around with me, or were condemned to it by being my children, were also mostly on tenterhooks.

If I could feel something coming on, my response would be to immediately remove myself from the situation. People who did not know me took that as a sign that I "would avoid conflict" and that's exactly right, only not for the reasons they might have suspected. I avoided conflict because if pushed into a corner, physically or metaphorically, I would become extremely dangerous because I would lose conscious control over my actions and simply go in for the kill.

To wake up from one of those attacks and to see what one did during them, then to have to face the aftermath of one's "societally unacceptable behaviour" is extremely disturbing, extremely frightening indeed, so yeah. Avoidance was the only way to deal with it.

As any mention of my anger explosions and/or the ever present simmering possibility of that made me even more angry, of course anger management wasn't an option because talking to me about my anger made me angry and set that thing in motion that I needed to avoid at all costs.

But last night, I had an occurrence whereby it happened surprisingly, and unpredictably the events programme became triggered. I really freaked out and lost it again, over a seemingly tiny thing, namely opening a long awaited mail order parcel and finding that the order inside it was totally wrong in every way.

I actually don't remember any details of that but I have a flash of being in the car with my son as we were going to dinner at a restaurant and thinking that I didn't want the experience to be spoiled by my "mood" and also, being quite afraid of what might happen if the waitor was to keep us waiting, or there was something wrong with the meal.

I struggled to try and regain some form of balance in the car but it was just hopeless, I was too close to that place now, and it did occur to me that something had flipped, something had blown, I had really blown a fuse somewhere.

Luckily for all concerned, the waitor was friendly and a good table was to be had. We sat down, ordered drinks. I was still internally battling with myself, but vibrating way too fast, thoughts unclear and very unstable, when through all of that I remembered something that Ananga Sivyer, meridian specialist, had said about main body meridians being blown out.

That gave me a line to some form of cohesion and I remembered EFT then, which had not been in that strange world at all before, and in the restaurant, with apologies to my son, I started to tap.

I started under the right eye, and that felt as badly bruised as though I really did have an old, black eye there, and the thought occurred to me that I did feel all over as though I'd just been in a punch up, gone ten rounds of boxing with someone and was basically just waiting for the bell to ring again to make me jump off the stool and back into the ring, find the opponent, and punch their lights out before they get to do the same to me.

I don't remember anything else after that, until I hit the middle finger point at some time later and that's when it switched.

It was as though I was waking up from a weird nightmare, came instantly awake in that restaurant and wondered how I got to be there.

I could breathe again and felt fine, like normal, perhaps better than normal, clear and bright and very, very relaxed.

The middle finger point is the governor. When that goes, how is one to govern oneself?

If my experiences are anything to go by, it is impossible.

The tapping really did the trick. We had a fine time in the restaurant, and when my meal came with chips rather than the potatoes I'd ordered, I just laughed and ate them.

Later on, I got the wrong dessert as well and me and my son just laughed helplessly at the madness of getting **THREE** separate orders wrong in less than two hours, with 3 different lots of people involved, and mused at the ways of magic.

I didn't feel that I had to complain, there wasn't a trace of anger and instead, I was wondering how I do that, how I disturb the fields of people so badly that they can't help but get my orders madly wrong, no matter how far away they are, as was the case with the mail order company, or how experienced they are as waiters.

A Lifetime Of Misery ...

When I got home, I phoned Nicola to tell her about it.

She was shocked, for like all people, "we don't talk about Silvia's anger issues", right?

Dearie me ...

One of the things I noted was that there must be so many people, who, like myself, think that they have a bad temper, or no will power, or no self control, or they're just badasses and evil, or whatever one tries to make of these "power loss events" when something just gives and then you become some kind of terminator.

It is incredibly frightening, incredibly worrying and it is not until AFTER that EFT treatment in the restaurant did it come to my conscious attention at all just how much I have suffered from this for all these years.

I can't begin to count the cost to myself and others in lost opportunities, problems with relationships, endless stress and paranoia and most of all, self esteem.

Going around and KNOWING that just any odd thing could happen at any time, and you could end up killing your own nearest and dearest is a NIGHTMARE.

And you can't get to it, you can't even admit you have a problem with it, because those very ideas and thoughts will TRIGGER THE THING YOU ARE TRYING TO AVOID.

All those poor people who are in jail because of this.

All those poor people whose relationships fall apart because of this.

This, what could well be nothing more than a blown out main body meridian and its requisite circuits, and something that could well be TOTALLY TREATABLE, and easily so, if we only knew that it was.

How incredibly difficult it is to even broach that subject with someone who has spent a lifetime with it and built every barrier, boundary, defense a human being can build against having it happen is testified to by the fact that I've been doing personal development for over 20 years now and not ONCE in all that time have sought to approach the "anger management problems".

In hindsight, and out of the vicious circle now, I can see why and have every understanding for it. I don't feel guilty about this because I completely understand now that it is like a sickness, or having broken your leg, or, as I suspect strongly, having had your legs broken in the past by someone else.

There is no shame in having a blown out, unstable major body meridian as a result of accident or incident.

I didn't do this to myself, and I wasn't "born bad".

I didn't want to be this uncontrolled. I fought my entire life with bloody determination to protect my environment from myself best I could, and there is no-one who could have passed harder and more brutal judgements AND punishments upon myself than I did.

I suspect that I am not the only one with this problem.

I'm going to seek some further help to repair especially that system so that it remains stable and doesn't fall apart on me when things go wrong in the environment.

And if I could talk to "wife beaters", "bad asses" and at least 30% of all those who sit in jail because they lost it and stabbed or beaten the shit out of someone, and tell them that there is a very good chance that they are not irreparably insane, not ridden by the devil himself but probably just sustained major damage in their energy systems when they were young, AND that this is repairable, I certainly would.

I would also highly recommend that especially kinesiologist might consider offering "Anger Management" treatments with EFT as the selp helf treatment device for use at home.

This is a very serious problem in people that can cause so much harm, and it seems that there is a good chance that it can be alliviated. I don't know if it will work for everyone but I would highly, highly urge anyone who has this problem, or knows someone who does, to recommend at least trying a treatment.

They might, as I did yesterday, wake up and find the world to be a totally place.

So different, in fact, that they might forget all about it after they went to sleep that night.

Silvia Hartmann, 21. 5. 2004

Silvia Hartmann: I was so fascinated by my responses to the changes in my energy system that I asked Ananga Sivyer, Friend, Meridian specialist and Ayurvedic Psychology Researcher, to add comments about Anger Management and the Meridian System.

She kindly responded with the following fascinating insights:

Anger Management & The Meridian System

by Ananga Sivyer

The Meridian system as I understand it, operates as an interface between the physical and more subtle energy channels of the body. It operates very much like an electrical circuitry, and it can be "blown" as can a fuse. As with fuses, this is a protection device and, again as with fuses, if not repaired, areas of that circuitry governed by that particular fuse will remain "offline".

Let's clarify that a bit further so that we can be fully aware of the significance and ramifications of this for us, as human beings. I have a toaster in my kitchen that is a little sensitive, and every so often it lets out a spark and trips the fuse in our fuse box. When that happens there is no toast in our house, there are no lights in half the kitchen either, until somebody goes to the cupboard and flips the switch back.

So the toaster is on a circuit that also affects the kitchen lights; two basic resources on that circuit. But wait that means the socket that the toaster is plugged into is affected too so no using the blender either then, or the microwave.

Now, if we generalise that basic understanding over to the meridian system we can quickly understand that if a particular 'circuit' blows due to shock, trauma, or overload then the resources of that circuit are also affected. This happens to varying degrees, as the meridian system is more subtle and complex than the wiring in our homes, but nonetheless the principle remains the same; we have energy circuits, those circuits facilitate certain experiences and nurture specific resources and if they are disrupted then those resources will be directly affected.

The meridians serve as regulators, protectors and facilitators, one of them is even referred to as 'the heart protector', and its main purpose is just that to protect the heart. As the heart is the King of the Energy Court it must be protected at all costs. The heart is the master fuse and if that blows, logically enough, the whole system goes offline.

But back to anger, the twelve main meridians are each teamed with a physical organ in the body and that organ is responsible for a key set of emotions and experiences. Here balance is the key, and EFT is certainly an incredibly easy and effective tool to apply in this regard.

According to the Traditional Chinese model of health, anger has its place, even rage, but these emotions are considered to have a time and place in which they are useful and appropriate and, after their purpose has been achieved, they should fade and take their place in waiting until called again, if genuinely required.

When a fuse blows in the circuits that generate the experience of anger, a strange loop can develop whereby that anger is re-generated repeatedly, and for matters of trivial concern. It can become a self-perpetuating cycle and, unless it is interrupted and restored, it will soon begin to burn out other areas of the circuitry.

If, in a system that is operating under extreme pressure, anger gets the job done, or more significantly, feeds back to us a sense that it protects us from certain unwanted situations or experiences, it can become an overused and dominant emotion, and when that happens the scales of balance are tipped and the resources at the other end of that scale go offline.

Meridians Most Relevant To Anger

Let's look at the organ meridian channels that are relevant to anger:

There are two, and they work as a team the liver and the gallbladder

?The liver is responsible for an assortment of emotional expressions with anger being the most prominent. The governing of patience comes under the control of the liver and its partner the gall bladder - impatience is regarded as a sign of imbalance within this team.

When disturbed the liver energy reacts with aggression and shouting or with depression and also with crying of a particular type - this crying is the kind born of sheer frustration and is likened to a safety valve. (excerpt from The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom)

When the liver energy is disturbed we shout and when we shout, we disturb the liver energy. Frustration disturbs the liver energy, and frustration is a manifestation of disturbed liver energy. Here we have the loop effect the self-perpetuating cycle. And this is an area that I consider to be of key importance to any of us interested in how we operate, and how we might operate more smoothly.

There is an exercise in the systems of Chinese Energy medicine called ?smiling at your inner organs?; we tend, in the west, to view such things as cultural quaintness. The Chinese smile at their inner organs, how nice, what an interesting custom. But there is practical purpose here, very simple and very effective. It is a practical exercise in personal care and kindness. When I was a child I would have given anything, truly anything, to receive a smile from my father instead of a shout. A warm, genuine, smile is a thing that is greatly soothing to the spirit. So there is a purpose here - paying (and in using that word I mean really paying as in actively investing) attention to our internal organs and energy systems with a few moments gentleness, kindness and soft appreciation, actually does go a long way to keeping our circuitry free from blow out.

OK, so that's nice to know, a preventative measure and something to try in the milder cases of irritation; but when you?re really mad, will it work? Sadly, probably not. There I times when you could tell me to smile at my liver and I will do so gladly and laugh too; but there are other times when you would really wish you hadn't said that!

It's all a question of time place and circumstance. Remedies that fit the occasion; we don't stick plasters on gaping wounds, and we won't benefit for a spell of inner smiling when there's a blown circuit.

But we can tap, someway, somehow, if we can train ourselves to use EFT at such times even if it is as simple as making a habit of raising a hand and tapping the side of our eye when we feel that rage bubbling to the surface, we are in with a very good a chance at developing some excellent anger management skills. And not just that, but resource reclamation too; I mentioned balance, with the meridian system, this means a point of stillness between two ends of a possible range of experiences; a place where we have all the emotions, responses and actions available to us along that scale.

A balanced liver will show itself in impetus and forward momentum, which includes aspirations and higher ideals and it facilitates achievement without aggression. It has the energy of spring time and is a generator of new growth and beginnings. It is creative, nourishing and forward moving.

What the liver really dislikes is frustration, those times when you feel you are really trying and getting nowhere. And if you get a few of those in a run, or over a period of time, the liver gets very irritable.

Here?s an overview of some of the resources available to us when the liver energy is balanced: drive, planning, impetus to start projects, endurance, good reflexes, perseverance, quick and clear intellect, an agreeable disposition, ambition, patience and a sense of general well being.

And that can facilitate anger too, in an appropriate expression accompanied by clear thinking and a genuine desire for a beneficial outcome; controlled, useful anger is available when the liver is balanced, and furthermore, it can be turned on and off like a tap!

Now let's look at the other part of the team the gallbladder, this is where things can get really dangerous! The liver simmers, it resents and shouts and it rails, but the gall bladder untamed is the generator of pure wrath and fury. It is the place from which the energy to wreak havoc and destruction comes; and at that point the judgment making skill of the gall bladder go offline in order to fully facilitate all hell being let loose most efficiently.

The gall bladder, when balanced, facilitates: good decision making abilities, creative impetus and inspiration.

When imbalanced or, blown it, will manifest to varying degrees: irritability, rage, pure reckless wrath and fury, bitterness, constant sadness and impertinence.

Anger Management - EFT with the 'Hellraiser'

I will never forget the day I walked into a centre where I was practising EFT to find the receptionist looking downright scared. I walked in to my room and she followed whispering "Your first client is waiting, oh God Ananga, are you sure you want to do this? He looks dangerous."

I set my mobile phone to dial the number of reception at the touch of one button, just in case help was required, and went out to meet the client.

As I greeted him and shook his hand, I found myself looking into the face of the scariest looking person I have ever encountered. Everything about that mans face said "be very, very afraid of me". Yet I felt a different message from his hand shake and lead him into my room with a strange blend of apprehension and curiosity.

He sat down heavily and said "I need you to help me before I kill someone." OK I said, and then sat and listened as he told me of his past and how his anger had built and built over the years. How at borstal he survived spells of bedwetting by being too terrifying to tease or bully about it. How last week he had thrown a man down a flight of steps for being sarcastic to him. And having done that, realised he was in danger of ending up in prison again. Plus, and the pain in his face was obvious when saying this, his family where all scared of him and avoided him.

What did we do? I tapped the side of my eye and had him do the same as he continued to speak (there was a moment where I was afraid that he would erupt at the ludicrousness of my suggesting such a thing for such an intense and major problem, but by then I knew that we had built a nice rapport and that once we got going things should start to diffuse quite nicely like a pressure valve). After a few minutes, and him being aware of some release, we could use EFT more specifically to start getting the rest of his energy system back on line and to bring in the resources I have spoken of here. We tapped for angry memories and situations; we tapped for "anger being the only thing that gets me through" etc etc. Oh how I love EFT in these situations! That such a technique exists that can reset the energy fuses and sooth the beliefs that cause them to repeatedly trip out at the same time is something we can all be very very glad for.

At the end of our time together that man had a sensitivity and softness about him that makes my eyes well up every time I remember him. He was a very intelligent, very sensitive human being who had found himself in a series of abusive and threatening situations throughout his life, one after the other, until he found himself living in hell and, one day, decided to become a master of hell rather than its slave. As he got up to leave he stepped forward and hugged me, I hugged him back and found myself feeling great warmth for him, and admiration too.

As he left the centre the ladies behind reception stood and watched with their mouths hanging open, the change was that apparent. And next week when he returned he told me that he had spent some time with his family again and that they had all declared that something in him had changed and they now wanted to keep in touch.

Anger Management - Furious Old Ladies

Here's another that I cannot resist mentioning. I will keep it brief here, but will mention that I really learned some amazing energy system impacting the physicality associations from this.

A very small, sweet, elderly lady once came to see me about a pain in her shoulder. As she was talking she became agitated and said that there were things held in her about which she felt very bitter. We chose her a set-up statement and began to tap the sequence of EFT points. As we reached the gall bladder point at the side of her eye I notice a slight shift in her and so we continued tapping on that point for a few seconds longer. What happened next I truly wish could have been captured on a camera. It is one of the most amazing things I've seen! That ladies face, that had previously looked so gentle, turned into a mask of pure rage. It was actually scary to see, it was like a horror movie where you see a face begin to turn into a monster - there was a twisted and distorted expression of hatred and fury that was very real and very frightening. Gradually, as we continued tapping her face relaxed until, after a few moments, she sighed and said, "thank you dear that does feel much better". Bloody hell! After she left I had to go and stand outside for a few minutes to compute that one. And there have been others too, I remember one lady who was furious with her husband for dying and leaving her, her left shoulder was frozen and barely moveable, and when she left it was moving much more freely.

Silvia mentioned that she got relief by tapping her middle finger point, this is the heart protector as previously mentioned, it is the meridian that governs the extreme of our emotional response and when pacified it facilitate an awareness of, and concern for, the wellbeing and feelings of those around us. She went on to say,

"There is no shame in having a blown out, unstable major body meridian as a result of accident or incident."

"I didn't do this to myself, and I wasn't 'born bad'."

Here, here, it's just one of the many things that can and do happen when a circuit gets blown, we wouldn't leave a fuse tripped out in our homes and neither should we suffer such havoc in our real home the physical and energy body that strives to serve and facilitate us always.

Ananga Sivyer


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