Announcing EMO Workshop in Boston, USA, December 2003!

Announcing EMO Workshop in Boston, USA, December 2003!

This is your chance to learn EMO with one of the top UK Trainers, Sandra Hillawi. The two day training will be held at the Peabody Marriott Hotel in Boston Massachusetts on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th December 2003.

The two day program includes:

Day 1 Self Help / Personal Development Day
Learning and practising the EMO technique
Demonstration & exercises
Handling and transforming negative incoming energies, e.g. criticism, words that hurt us
Releasing energy disturbances around concepts such as Money/Freedom/Happiness -
Thoughts that trigger our energy disturbances and releasing them.
Transforming ‘positive’ incoming energies E.g. Compliments and praise

Day 2 Practitioner Training Day
Basic Theory of EMO & Energy Nutrition
Practitioner-Assisted EMO Co-joint Healing
Telephone work
Shields Demonstration & Practical Exercise
Energy types, hard energy, old injuries
Clearing hard/resistant energies & fail safes
Balancing with Innocent energy 
Aspects & testing

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