Anxiety Overload & Obesity

Anxiety Overload & Obesity A recent YouGov survey of British 18 โ€“ 24 year olds has found that 66% feel stressed or anxious on a weekly basis, with money & job concerns being the main factor. The report has found that not only are they stressed, but a third of them do not talk to any one about these problems.

--Update-- Brand new research carried out in the UK has shown a direct link between depression, anxiety & stress and obesity.

Read on for full details of both studies along with ways that Meridian Energy Therapies could help...

The YouGov poll of 18 - 24 year olds highlights the need for trained professionals to be available for people, young & old, to talk to. This is where The GoE Association For Meridian Energy Therapies comes in. Meridian Energy Therapies such as EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, EMO and TFT Thought Field Therapy have been used for years to help reduce stress and anxiety levels in people who practice them. Accredited Practitioners from The GoE are well trained to help clients over come stress and anxiety, along with a great deal of other life problems so are ideally suited to helping the world de-stress and relax.

Lucy Russell, campaigns director of UK charity Young Minds, told BBC News โ€œIt is worrying that young people are unable to speak openly about their anxieties. Young people should be taught coping strategies early on at school and at home, so they can deal with difficult feelings and situations.โ€

Kim Bradley and Louise Bliss, AMT Practitioners & EMO Trainers, are heading a new scheme to do exactly that. โ€œEMO In Schoolsโ€ aims to introduce EMO, one of the newest & most powerful Energy Therapies which can help us process emotions easily, into schools, thereby helping children from a young age to be able to deal quickly & effectively with stress. Students participating in the project will be trained to a newly introduced level of โ€œStudent Practitioner Of EMOโ€ and will be able to use their skills to help themselves and others in school. โ€œEMO In Schoolsโ€ has already been introduced into Haydon School, Middlesex, with some amazing results, and the hope is that it will be introduced into more schools next year.

Stress and anxiety are a huge problem for a great deal of people. From teenagers worrying about career choices and university, to pensioners afraid that they may not be able to afford their heating bills this coming winter, so it is comforting to know that GoE Practitioners are available across the globe to help us overcome anything life throws at us.


7/10/2009: Brand new research published today has shown that people who suffer from common mental health problems such as stress & anxiety are more likely to become obese. This particular research was carried out on more than 4000 UK adults aged 35 to 55 and was followed for more than 19 years.

This research was carried out by the University College London. They have discovered that people with mental health issues are twice as likely to be obese than those who do not have any problems, due to an increased likelihood of developing an eating disorder.

People who suffer from depression, stress & anxiety are also less likely to exercise, which can greatly contribute to putting on weight. Another factor that the research found is that some anti-depressants can cause weight gain.

This research once again highlights the need for trained professionals who can help people who suffer from depression, stress or anxiety. Many AMT Practitioners specialise in weight loss and improved body image. If a person is unhappy with the way they look they will often become depressed, when a person is depressed (as the UCL study shows) they will eat, when they eat they will become more unhappy with their body, and so on. It is a cycle that must be stopped, and Meridian Energy Therapies could be the answer for many sufferers.

Josh Alliston

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