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Aromatherapy For Your Soul - Aroma Energy Many people get hung up on the "chemical properties" of aromatherapy essential oils. Although it is true that essential oils contain incredible amounts of complex bio-chemicals that have endless undiscovered qualities, the real value of aromatherapy lies in its effect on the energy body and human emotions, particularly on the energy super system known as "the soul". Have you heard the saying "When momma's happy, the house is happy?" Well, if your soul is happy ...

... then there isn't much left in life that could derail your incarnation - if anything at all.

The concentrated life power of millions of petals found in aromatherapy essential oils are one of the most powerful energy sources known to mankind - and one of the few that actually have the power to truly "delight your soul".

Author Silvia Hartmann has made all 121 essences available from her new book, Aromatherapy For Your Soul, and you can find them free online at

There is also a Magic Bottle to let the universe choose an aromatherapy essence for you. Even in the absence of the essential oil itself, you will be able to get some nourishing energy for your soul from the lovingly created descriptions, images and most of all, the unique aroma energy stories.

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