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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFTโ„ข) by Ananga Sivyer Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short, are still relatively new to the UK but the word is spreading fast. Why? Because these techniques really work and anyone can learn to use them. EFT works upon the meridian system as do many well-known therapies such as acupuncture and shiatsu. Using a set sequence of potent points EFT balances meridian flow and promotes relief from both emotional and physical pain.

To give some examples of areas where EFT is extremely effective, it is in regular use for (but by no means limited to) the following:

stress, tension, headaches,

fears & phobias, anxiety, panic attacks,

physical pain in general

addictions (smoking, weight loss etc)

enhancing work or sports performance

increasing confidence and self-esteem

boosting personal resources

and increasing energy

EFT was developed by Stanford Engineer Gary Craig in the United States as a streamlined version of Dr. Roger Callahanโ€™s Thought Field Therapy. Therapists the world over have been using Thought Field Therapy for 20 years and it is recognised as an established and effective treatment method. However, training is complex and the treatment process itself is not so easily learned for self-help use. The unique contribution of Gary Craig was to revise the process in order that anyone could learn to use it for themselves often achieving outstanding results within minutes of learning the basic technique.

How does it work?

Many ancient therapeutic texts will cite a disruption or stagnation in the flow of vital energy (chi, prana or bio-energy) to be the root cause of many physical or emotional ailments.

The discovery statement upon which EFT and other energy therapies rest states much the same: โ€œthe cause of all negative emotions in a disruption in the bodyโ€™s energy system".

Once that disruption is cleared then so are the related emotional or physical symptoms. With EFT this is a surprisingly simple process and involves quite simply tapping on a sequence of key meridian points whilst tuned in to the problem at hand. Whether that problem is anger, despondency or a stiff shoulder the basic procedure is always the same.

Personal Experience

"In 11 years of working as a complimentary therapist I have never encountered another technique as effective or user friendly as EFT.โ€

I have watched with amazement on many occasions now both in private practice and at workshops individuals shrug or laugh and say that something which was previously bothering them โ€œ10 out or 10โ€ was no longer a concern.

People who said they โ€œwerenโ€™t good enoughโ€ and had always felt that way change that belief in less than 2 minutes.

People who said they had zero confidence develop confidence and go on courses or for job interviews which they had avoided for years. Men with no self-respect, women who had carried physical pain around with them for as long as they could remember and children who were under duress at school and many others obtain rapid permanent relief with this amazing technique.

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