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Asthma Sufferer Gets Relief with EFT

Baya Salmon-Hawk writes: Sunday afternoon, just after lunch. My son, 19, at University 400 miles away, calls in a complete state of panic. He tells me he cannot breathe, he has not slept for 48 hours, just cat napped, his cough is dreadful and his chest has seized up, his wheezing is at 10 and his shoulders are in such pain that he cannot relax them. He is contemplating calling an ambulance and says his asthma inhaler no longer works.

I am 400 miles away... I know he has always made fun of EFT and yet he says โ€œMum, I wish you could just press on my chest and release itโ€. That kind of gives me permission. I ask which position is the least distressing and he says standing up. So we start standing up.

Because he is in such a panic, I choose to treat the anxiety first and ask him to tap on the Karate Chop and say โ€œEven though, this EFT is rubbish and I do not believe in it, Even though, I know its not going to work, Even though, I wish it would and that you could press on my chest and get rid of itโ€. Then he does a couple of rounds keeping this in mind and I also ask him to tap on the Solar Plexus (the middle of his chest).

He reports feeling more together and we start tackling the anxiety which he rates at 8. We tap on his fears and anxiety and the SUDs go up to 10 rapidly. We carry on tapping on Even Though I really am anxious, and I really need this anxiety, its helping me, it believes its helping me breathe better, its terrified I am going to stop breathing, I am also terrified because itโ€™s the first time I am sick and away from home, I feel lonely, and frightened. A couple of rounds and the anxiety is down to 0.

Now my son announces that his shoulders have relaxed and he is feeling better but still wheezes and anyway he wants to do it lying down. So we arrange this and I get him to SUD the wheezing and itโ€™s a 10. Two rounds of EFT on this wheezing and encouragements for him to visualise it and see it shrink andโ€ฆits gone, completely gone. He says he wants to go to sleep now and puts the phone down.

I call him at 7pm and he has slept all afternoon and the asthma attack has completely disappeared.

Next morning 9am, he has slept all night and still no asthma, he has not used the inhaler, has not needed to, he is on his way to his morning.

It was such a relief to be able to help him when I was at such a distance. I am a seasoned (4 years) practitioner and trainer of EFT but I have never seen such a rapid resolution of a problem. I could have felt powerless as a mother but instead was able to help my son get over an acute anxiety and asthma attack! Marvellous!

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