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Astrology Of EMO Energy In Motion

Astrology Of EMO Energy In Motion

It is with a deep sense of honor and gratitude that I write this brief introduction to the astrology of EMO, a modality that has changed my life like nothing else. EMO literally means transformation of our emotions.

Let us first look at what the sky actually looked like when EMO was born and learn from the sheer beauty of the stars and planets themselves.

Astrology of EMO Energy In Motion

(EMO Energy In Motion Birth Chart)

by Helle Gylling

It is with a deep sense of honor and gratitude that I write this brief introduction to the astrology of EMO, a modality that has changed my life like nothing else.

EMO literally means transformation of our emotions. In astrology emotions are mainly represented by the Moon.

Let us first look at what the sky actually looked like when EMO was born and learn from the sheer beauty of the stars and planets themselves. Figure 1 shows you a segment of the night sky on the day EMO was born.

We see the constellation Aquarius, which in ancient times was their God known as The Great One.

The water flowing from his urn flooded the land, making it fertile and able to produce abundant crops. When EMO was born, the Moon was right in the flow of the life-giving waters spilling from the great urn of Aquarius. This is the perfect image for the basic key phrases in EMO: “Soften and Flow” and “Return to Even Flow”.

We want to obtain Even Flow by softening and flowing any and all disturbances in our energy system. We restore vitality and life to our energy system by letting our emotions flow through us. We can be endlessly creative and abundant when we are in the Even Flow. When we let our emotions flow through us without any interference, we are indeed in that creative flow, following the cosmic design of a human being. In this context, it is also fascinating to note that the only metaphor for energy that Dr. Hartmann uses is water.

EMO’s birth chart is shown here in figure 2.

The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces, reiterating the focus on the emotions. It is a deeply caring, nurturing, embracing modality – calling us Home. Home to the Oceans of Energy by transforming our emotions and letting them flow until Even Flow is restored. There are no boundaries, no limitations – it simply shows us that the way out of suffering and returning home is via transformation of the emotions. No doctrine, no secret scrolls, it simply calls us back home to Oneness. True Oneness, true surrender and complete trust and faith in the simple process of EMO takes you right home to the origin, the Oceans of Energy. All suffering is flowed away, nothing is resisted, Even Flow becomes your home once again. This is a simple message and it is EMO’s reason for being.

The other key word in EMO is “transformation”, which is symbolized by the archetypes of Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house. This archetype is abundantly represented in EMO’s chart, no matter where you look. Scorpio is rising and even if this is the first time you ever look at a birth chart, the eye is naturally drawn to the cluster of planets in the upper right part of the chart – the 8th house.

"The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the eighth house is the word, Energy. The energies that surround our physical bodies known as chi, prana, and life force, and how this energy can be used to heal. When we have planets in the eighth house, we are very sensitive to these energies.

"True healers, body workers, counselors and psychics usually have planets in the eighth house. The most important thing to remember is that the eighth house does not lie. It calls out all truths, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Individuals with planets here are truly our world’s future healers."

Carmen Turner-Schott, http://www.astrology-awareness.com

Most of the rest of the chart is kind of “pushing” the energy into this area, specifically Pluto (our traumas), which is acting like the sheep dog pushing the herd of sheep into the 8th house. A very dramatic statement indeed. And the driving force for this deep transformational process is the Moon, our emotions, our emotional memories in the body – which may have been deeply hurt and traumatized.

This is a kind of raw, ruthless energy that drives us to transformation. We don’t necessarily go there willingly, but we are driven by our wounds to find the ultimate transformation once and for all. That is the promise of EMO: Phoenix rising out of the ashes. It is our (perceived) state of powerlessness and discontent with existing techniques and resources that compel us to try EMO. And EMO is a caring, nurturing system, which gently takes us in and shows us how to soften and flow the energy of fear and pain in our energy system and if we dare, and are persistent, it can lead us to a full and complete transformation. The new resources we thus find, the treasures buried so deeply in us we didn’t even know we had them then become available to us.

The astrological symbolism of death and rebirth are so strong. EMO truly offers us a chance for a new life – for those who will trust the process and really DO the work.

The key to returning home to the Oceans of Energy is that you are willing to look deep into yourself, surrender your pain, your fear, your deepest darkest secrets and give them up for EMO to transform them. You yourself do not transform them, you don’t have to do anything at all; you simply offer them up for healing and let the energy do the work.

For some of us, this can be scary since it really does mean to go to the deepest darkness you have in you, but EMO promises that there is nothing that can’t simply be flowed away and return you Home to the state of peace and balance. Everything can be transformed. EMO seems so deceptively simple and it can be hard to understand how truly powerful it is. There is tremendous power in this modality. There is more transformational power available to you than you would ever need, if you will simply surrender and not let your fear of the dark keep you away. It may feel like dying if you truly go to the center of your darkness, but it is here you need to be and your stress will be eased every step of the way. This is what you most of all need to offer up for transformation, and when you do, the natural flow will be restored and you have been changed forever. This is the promise, the life purpose of EMO.

Another key phrase is "Where does it hurt, show me with your hands". This is the way forward, the way to enter this territory of transformation. Don’t think you don’t need to involve your hands, that you can do this in your head. EMO urges you to actually put your healing hands where you have the body sensation and use your healing hands to help move the energy along. The use of hands is so important in EMO, as is any kind of movement that naturally arises – we see the strong focus in Gemini, including Mercury itself. Energy hands are connected with your physical hands and they are a great help moving you forward in the transformational process.

EMO can assist in tremendous transformation and bring completely new understandings to people. But the moment you forget that it's all about emotional feedback in your body and you try to do EMO in your head, visualize the energy, and you think you know how to direct it, you've missed the point completely. Using your physical hands on your physical body helps remind you that you are focusing on the body sensations and tracking the energy in your body – not imagining energy in your head. An intellectual attempt will not work; EMO is not intellectual in any way. It is about softening and flowing the stagnant energy in our system, tracking the movement of that energy as it flows through and out. While we often receive amazing insights as well, we receive the feedback in our body and our emotions, not through the intellect.

EMO is designed to help us restore balance in our energy system and heal energetic injuries’ but it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Hartmann specifically states that healing is only the first step. When we have undertaken that healing journey and start to come out on the other side, we may enter the kingdom of Energy Magic - the brightly shining Venus in Leo at the very top of the chart.

Now, the fun begins.

Let us again turn to the sky to take a look at this Venus as she appeared that day.

As the Sun was setting we could see Venus as a very bright evening star in the western sky. She occupied the space between the constellations of Cancer, The Crab and Leo, the Lion. In ancient times, Venus was considered to empower the area of the sky she was radiating with her light, so at this time she was empowering the transition from having incarnated into this world as being part of a tribe, trying to find safety hiding behind shields and in familiar patterns to becoming a unique, fierce, powerful individual in one's own right - moving towards our Creative Template, the full expression of our potential in Leo.

This image of the Creative Template was being highlighted when EMO was born and the driving force behind it all – the powerful Moon in Pisces at the very foundation of the chart, is urging us all towards Even Flow and to dive into the oceans of energy.

EMO is truly endless potential.


(1) Visual Astrology, by Bernadette Brady, is the rediscovery and reinvention of ancient astrology methods, which involved looking at the whole night sky, not simply the movement of the planets along the Ecliptic. www.bernadettebrady.com , www.astrologos.com  and the software to map the sky is called Starlight from www.zyntara.com.

(2) Oceans Of Energy - EMO Vol.1 by Silvia Hartmann


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