Astrology Anti-Stress Meditation - The Wise Woman & The Stars

Astrology Anti-Stress Meditation - The Wise Woman & The Stars What could be more de-stressing and relaxing than looking up at the stars on a soft summer's night and letting all your doubts, fears and uncertainties just simply disappear into the velvet darkness ... Here is a lovely short anti-stress astrology meditation by AstroEnergy astrologer Helle Gylling from Canada - The Wise Woman & The Stars.

Astrology Meditation against Stress Wise Woman Stars Illustration

The Wise Woman & The Stars

An Anti-Stress Astrology Meditation

by Helle Gylling

On a calm, clear summer night, you slip out of your bed and walk quietly down the steps and go outside to find your favorite chair on the porch. From here, you can see almost the entire sky, only a few trees and buildings are visible in the distance. You’ve been tossing and turning and just not able to fall asleep because your mind is churning away, going over the same problem, the same thoughts over and over again.

Only here, in the presence of endless space and the thousands of brilliant stars do you find a measure of peace, and you sense that somehow there is a deeper meaning behind all the seeming chaos in your life. You sit for a long time, watching the Moon slowly move across the sky, moving through one constellation after another. You see a very bright star to the east, and you think it must be Venus.

You imagine how easy it would be for ancient cultures to see this bright star as a Goddess. You know there is some message up there in the sky for you, but you can’t quite grasp it. But you feel it deep inside.

Slowly you feel a decision taking shape in your mind. You get up, get dressed and start walking down the Moonlit path that starts at the far end of your garden. You feel your sense of purpose strengthening as you walk for a very long time. After a couple of hours, you reach a beautiful house nestled against the red rocks. It is almost morning now, the barest hint of daylight on the horizon and you know that if you go up to this house and knock on this door, you will be welcomed. The priestess astrologer lives here. A place you’ve longed to visit for so long.

So, here you are. You take a deep breath, surrender to the magnetic pull in your gut and you walk up and lift your hand to knock on the door. And just as your fist almost touches the heavy wooden door, it opens and a woman smiles at you with such love that it just breaks your heart.

The priestess astrologer invites you in and tells you to sit in the soft comfortable chair by the fire. She brings you a cup of steaming, hot tea and you settle deeply into the chair and feel all the tension begin to flow out of your body.

She asks you to tell her what is troubling you, and as you do, you feel her full attention on you. When you are finished, she nods slowly and tells you that she will consult the stars and planets for you to give you the answers you cannot see, yet you carry them deep inside.

She begins to weave a tale that is so sad and so beautiful – it is the tale of your life. She helps you see how certain conflicts and challenges were set up from the very moment you were born. How some very painful experiences were clearly indicated at certain times in your life and how to now find the Gift in them and make different choices based on this whole new level of understanding.

All your anger and confusion wash away as you begin to see the pattern of your life and that you are not simply an innocent bystander in a cruel world. Somehow, there is a pattern to your life, there is a very clear sense of direction and purpose and for the first time in your life you suddenly feel so clear about your life and where to go from here. You feel it deep in your bones; you feel it in the way energy is flowing through you unhindered and you feel excited and calm at the same time. You understand now. You know what to do and there is no more confusion.

You sit for a moment and take it all in, making sure you have made all the connections inside. Then you get up, thank her from the bottom of your heart, and make your way to the door.

As you step outside, the Sun is now already high in the sky. The air is warm with a light breeze and you hear the rustling of the leaves in the trees, and the birds chirping away. You feel alive. All your senses are heightening. You feel the world, the Universe rushing through you. You are no longer alone; you are an integral part of this existence. You feel the connection like never before. You have found your place in the world at last.

You walk home with lightness in your step. Somehow, the path that took you hours to walk the night before now brings you home in minutes. You see your home and feel the tears flowing down your cheeks. This is your life and you are so grateful to get back into it.

You walk up onto your porch, open your front door with a smile and step inside. With joy in your heart, you close your door.

You are Home!


Helle Gylling
Counseling Astrologer, Certified EMO Practitioner, Certified Events Practitioner.

Contact Helle at


The Wise Woman & The Stars: An Anti-Stress Astrology Meditation © Helle Gylling 2010.

All Rights Reserved.

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